What Preceeds Harvest, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

What Preceeds Harvest, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi
Text: Gen 8 vs 22, Luke 5 vs 1-9, Gal 6 vs 7.
As we all know that this is our month of undeniable harvest,it may be necessary to make some things clear,so that we can reap the full promise of the Lord this month.
Apart form the fact that our obedience has to be complete in the are of our rightoues living,harvest time do not come without seedtime.
Sowing preceeds harvest,but what we asking God for is that our seed will not in any way compared to the harvest God is promising us .
The bible makes it abundantly clear in Gen 8 vs 22 that as long as the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest shall not cease.
In Luke 5 vs 1-9, we read there that before Peter caught the undeniable multitude of fishes,apart from obeyeing what Jesus comanded him to do,he did the followings which I see as the seed he sowed.
1. Releases his vessel (boat) to Jesus . Luke 5 vs 3
2. Sacrifices his time,by having to wait while Jesus was preaching to the multitude,remembering that Peter has been awake all night and by nature he should be sleeping during the day. Luke 5 vs 4.
3. Obeying Jesus by letting down his net.
Brethren,God is very much interested in blessing us far beyond our imaginations, but we need to sow the seed He will have to bless.
From my own understanding, unfortunately, God does not blesses nothing. but He blesses something,it does not matter how small that thing is,He is the Almighty.
I will encourage you at this juncture to sow towards that in which you want God to give you undeniable harvest on.
If is your academics, sow your time.
If is your financies, sow your money.
it may be your marriage,sow your prayers, and work towards it conciously.
My prayer is that may the good Lord grant us more understading of His words in Jesus name.(Amen)

What Preceeds Harvest, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on July 5th 2015.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK