Time Up, And Time For God To Be My Salvation, by Brother Yomi Sanusi

Time Up, And Time For God To Be My Salvation, by Brother Yomi Sanusi

When in Exodus 5.1 God decided the suffering and exploitation of his chosen people had to come to an end, Moses and Aaron were sent to call time-up on Pharaoh. God was direct and precise in ordering “Let my people go”. God was interested in recommencing the relationship He had with Abraham, Isaac and Israel. He wanted them to celebrate the freedom he was about to give them by ‘hold a feast to me in the wilderness’.

This month God has promised and pronounced ‘time-up’ on everything- force, entity, situation, pronouncement, decision, groups- that contradict his intention to set us at full liberty, so we can enjoy Jehovah I am that I am, the way He intends. God is not interested in changing or altering His word or promises toward us.

We have great reassurance in the promise that not only do we belong exclusively to God, He has promised to be with us regardless of what we go through, reassuring us that nothing will by any means overcome us. In fact, we have the reassurance of the presence of the King of Kings himself. Isaiah 43.1-4. In effect, we have the word and confidence of God that He will stop at nothing to keep His word. He will act for us and do whatever it takes to ensure we are in a place of worship, peace and celebration.

There we can meet him in everyday life, in triumphant celebration not of our own piety, but of the work of His own mercy, grace, power and judgement. It is time up for the enemies of God in our situations, a time of worship, salvation and feasting for us the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God’s mighty acts of wonder on the powerful enemy of his own are deliberate, effective, irreversible, and will not fail to achieve the salvation of his people. ‘That they might observe his statutes, and keep his laws’ Psalm 105.26-45.

When these beneficiaries of God’s wonderful miracles, multiple gracious mercies and the tender love and protection of God failed to recognise God’s kindness, and when they provoked His anger: God still managed to eventually remember His word and unchangeable commitment and show them mercy, for the sake of Christ Jesus. The sacrifice of Jesus was still valid even when the errors were idol worshipping or even sacrifice of their own children to devils. God still remembered His covenant and had mercy on His people. Psalm 106. 7-12, and verses 45 – 48.

God had decided and declared ‘time-up’ on every error, oversight, imperfection and iniquity, judgement, suffering and consequences not sanctioned by Him. Following repentance, we are called- right now- to the place of salvation, victory, and worship in His presence.

In conclusion, I invite us to pray and take advantage of God’s own decision and provision. Exodus 15.2: “The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him” I surrender to you my God. Man of war, act for me. Become my salvation. It is time. Let us declare in knowledge that, as in Exodus 15.3 “The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name”. It is time up for every negativity. God is become our salvation. It is time to exalt and declare him, and enjoy the presence of the man of war, who will stop at nothing to act on our behalf. Amen.

The sermon, Time Up, And Time For God To Be My Salvation, by Brother Yomi Sanusi, was delivered on 19th November 2107.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK