The Unpredictable God, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT:GENESIS 41 : 37 – 46.
As a consequence of this month’s theme, which is Phenomenal Promotions, undeniable Achievements is inevitable.
This type of promotion we are talking about do not come from Brothers nor Sisters, nor Fathers nor Mothers, nor Presidents, nor Managers nor anybody else, but only come from the Almighty God. Psalm 75 vs 6 – 7.
Joseph was promoted just within 24hrs (if am right to assume),that took him from the dungeon where he was imprisoned, unknown slave to the people of the land, considered a ‘nuisance’ to the society and a retched bachelor ,to a Free, bonafide citizen, very famous, a celebrity, and a honoured married man, that is second to the king in throne, but in the actual truth ,he is in the control of all the land of Egypt, what a drastic transformation. Gen 41 vs 40.
May this continue to be our experience from now on in Jesus name.
Looking at Joseph, considering the type of person he is, we may like to consider some conditions that may seems to put you in the position of having the same result Joseph did.
1.You must be a child of God(be born again)having the Spirit of God in you.Gen:41 vs 38.
2.You must be constantly in tune with God.Gen:41 vs 39, Amos:3 vs 7.
3. You must be diligent, as we read about the d1ligence of Joseph in Gen:39 vs 11.Prov 22 vs 29.
4.You must endeavour to live a righteous and holy life all the time, and fear God.Gen:39 vs 9
5.You must be Faithful. Gen:39 vs 6.
6.You must acknowledge God in all situations and circumstances.Gen:40 vs 8;41 vs 16.
Do you think, if Joseph was dreaming, and he realises it when he was still dreaming, about this type of elevation, he will want to come back to physical life again? I personally doubt it much, but that is what our God is capable of doing, He is JEHOVAH TOO MUCH.
He is not bound by time. He said in Jeremiah 32 vs 27,I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?
Brethren, I encourage you now to put all you hope in the God of all impossibilities, and He will settle you even more than He did for Joseph, as we even have a better covenant with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ.Romans 8 vs 17 ,we are heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ. What a priviledge.
May the good Lord grant us understanding in Jesus mighty name.
See you on top and remain lifted in Jesus name.

The Unpredictable God, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on September 13th, 2015

Article by RCCG EFA YORK