The God That Overturns Impossibilities, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT: EZEKIEL 37 : VS 1 – 14.
The God of impossibilities overturn very dry bones vs 2, to exceeding great armies vs 10.
We can just imagine the process that took place before the dry bone becomes ,an exceeding great army.
From my own limited Knowledge.
The individual dead dry bones, received a divine overturn – Individual dead wet bones – Jointed dead wet bones – Jointed dead fleshy bones – which now receive the breath of life to divinely become a living being, which God turn to an exceeding great army of the Lord.
It is inconceivable to ever imagined how a very dry bone can have life in them and begin to live again, it can only be through the very God of overturn.
I prophecy by the mercy of God, as the prophet of the house, that every dead situation in your life will receive the breath of God and through divine overturn will begin to live again.(Amen).
That situation may look impossible, but we serve the God that specialises in impossibilities, and I know beyond reasonable doubt that, as you call upon Him, He will step into that situation for you and make all seemly impossible situation to become a testimony for you in Jesus name.
As long as you are alive there is hope for you to fulfil God’s ordained destiny for your life. Job 14 vs 7- 9.
By the Spirit of prophecy in Jesus name,
All your prayers will turn into Testimonies Ps 126. All your defeat will turn into Victory 2 Cor 2 vs14. All your Mourning will turn into dancing psalm 30 vs 11. Weeping to laughter. Bareness to fruitfulness Gen 1 vs 22. Emptiness to fullness Ps 81 vs 10,Lack to surplus Psalm 23. Disappointment to fulfilment Rom 8 vs 28. Hardship to comfort Psalm 71 vs 21. Misfortune to praises. Stagnancy to accelerated rising. Ashes to beauty. Delay to quick manifestation. Closed doors to open doors. Hiding star to a rising and shinning star. And all weakness will turn to strength in Jesus mighty name.

Sermon delivered on August 30th 2015.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK