Spiritual Eagles (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

For the next couple of weeks, we shall be attributing the characteristics of the physical bird Eagle, to the spiritual realm, may the good Lord grant us Rhema of His words in Jesus name.
Eagles are known to be achievers and high flyers, they are not born to be spectators of life, they actually make things happen and not watch things happen as in the case of many others.

As the child of God, you are designed with the specification of an eagle.
In Exodus 19:4-6, God likens Himself and His children to Eagles. In the book of Ezekiel 1: 10,one of the faces of God is liken to that of an Eagle. Rev 4:6 – 10, Ps 103:1-5, and Isaiah 40:31 all these confirms the characteristics of a spiritual Eagle.

Eagles are aggressive birds and very wonderful hunters, Matt 11 vs 12, And from the day of John the Baptist until now… Eagles do not settle for left overs, they know what they want and go for it without delay or further deliberation. As a child of God you have to be bold and know what you want. They do say that ,’if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything’.

You cannot afford to be rubbing shoulders with Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks, you are not in the same category, and therefore you are meant to operate at a different level far above principalities and powers, Eph 6: 12; Job 39:27-30.

Eagles prove superiority in battle; they are unbending, unmovable, unyielding and relentlessly determined. They fly at an outstanding altitude. That is the type of personality you are designed after.
Although, eagles come in different sizes and shapes, but you will definitely recognise them by their attitude, examples of spiritual eagles are, David which never lost in a battle, Shammah, one of David’s mighty men in 2 sam 23:11-12.

An Eagle is known to confront, engage, challenge and take advantage to gain height when storms arise in the journey of life, where other birds see storms and run for a cover, Eagles takes it as an opportunity to soar higher.
Eagles are also known to be able to survive any weather condition from the desert to snow conditions, they gained mastery of the extreme weather conditions that are detrimental to others and learn to use to their maximum advantage Phil 4: 12- 13.

Eagles are very vigilant and they are known for excellent eyesight and sharp visual power, as a spiritual Eagle, you are meant to see far into the future. Hab 2 vs 2-3.
Eagles have very keen ability to watch and observe, and can see what other animals may not see at a distance and that is what our saviour expects from all believers. Prov 29 : 18.
Stay blessed in Jesus name.

To be continued next week

Spiritual Eagles (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on Nov. 8 2015.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK