Some Covenant Requirements for Settlement Beyond Imagination, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Some Covenant Requirements for Settlement Beyond Imagination, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT : 1 Cor 2:9.
TO experience the type of settlement that will turn your Obstacles to Miracles, Trials to Triumph and Test to Testimonies depends largely on who is your ally or friend. Dan 11:32.
When the Almighty God is involved in the affairs of man, things begins to move in an usual and unprecedented manner. Or when God decides to be involved in the affairs of man, every obstacle becomes surmounted, the forces of heaven begins to work for such a person.

It may be necessary to know that the Word of God remains the power behind our settlement Ps 119 vs 165 and 2 Chr 26: 5.

1. You must be born again. 1 Peter 5:10, 2 Peter 1:3, you have to be called for you to be a candidate of divine settlement Rom 14 : 17 and Gal 5 :22.

2. Rededicate your life to the Creator. Psalm 16:4 and Mal 3:6 – 7. It may be worth knowing that you must stay connected to the prince of peace.

3. You must settle with the Word of God. The word of God is the career of the peace you ever need. Psalm 119 :11.

4.You must be filled with the Love of God. 1Cor 2 :9 and Gal 3 :13. It may be important to know that until we enter into a Love covenant with God, life remain a struggle.

5.You have to make the choice of serving God. If you desire the type of settlement beyond imagination, you have to make a decision to serve God. Joshua 24: 15, Deut 30 : 19, Job 36: 11. Serving God is not a gift it is a matter of choice.

6. You must be planted in the house of the God. Palm 84:4, Psalm 92 : 13 – 15, Psalm 132 : 13 – 15. Zion is the city of settlement, the more addicted you are to the house of God, the more settled you become. God is requesting that you give Him a place in your life , so that you can occupy the position He designed for you.

I will strongly enjoined you to enter into a covenant to serve God today and it will certainly be well with you and you will enter into the rest of God and you will be settled for life.

My prayer also is that God will make us instrument of settlement in Jesus name. Amen.


Some Covenant Requirements for Settlement Beyond Imagination, a sermon delivered by Pastor Victor OLOBANIYI on 17th April 2016.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK