Rewards/Blessings: A Function Of Your Obedience (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Rewards/Blessings: A Function Of Your Obedience (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT : GENESIS 26 VS 2 – 14.
The importance of obedience to God’s commandments cannot be overemphasised, if His rewards and blessings are to come to full manifestation in our lives.

Divine Commandments comes from God, man has to play a part by obeying the commandments, and then the rewards and blessings promised by God will then manifest fully.

Let us at this junction consider some few examples in the scriptures of those that obeyed the commandments of the Lord and possibly see the rewards that were given to them.

The first person we will like to consider is Abraham. In Genesis 12 vs 1-4. In this verses is the commandments,the obedience of Abram and the blessings that will follow after he has obeyed.

Also looking at Genesis 22 vs1-18.Abraham was commanded by God to go and offer Isaac his only son, without any argument, Abraham obeyed the commandment of God, before God intervene after seeing that Abraham was willing to fully obey what He has commanded him to do.

I must submit to you that commandment was a very hard one, no wonder the blessings that followed was also breath taken.
Another person we shall be considering is Isaac, from our above text Genesis 26 vs 2 – 14. Isaac was instructed by God not to go down to Egypt. Isaac obeyed and the blessings that came upon him made a whole nation to envy him.
It is impossible for God to bless you and you will not be envied, and the blessings come by mere obedience to His words and commandments.

And it is the Lord blessing that maketh rich and He added no sorrow with it. Proverb 10 vs 22
Thirdly, let’s take a look at Apostle Peter in Luke 5 vs 4-7. After the Lord has used Simon’s ship, He commanded him to let down his nets for a draught, the reconsidered obedience of Peter to Jesus’s commandment got him what he never thought could ever happened at the time of occurrence considering the experience of Peter in that profession.

One lesson we can learn from that is that we don’t need to worry about how God will make His Promises to come to pass, all that He required from us is just our obedience to His instructions and obedience as it were.

Many of us are not doing well, because we are not simply obeying what has been commanded by God.
Numbers 23 vs 19, makes it abundantly clear that God cannot lie, He is always committed to play His part of the deal, it is man that always fail by not obeying what He commanded us to do.

In life there is no successful completion without obeying the rule of the game.
To be continued……….


The sermon, Rewards/Blessings: A Function Of Your Obedience (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on February 19th, 2017

Article by RCCG EFA YORK