Return on Investment, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Return on Investment, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text : Gen 8:22, Ecc 11 :6 and Gal 6: 7.
IN every investment there is always an expected return. Also in all sowing there is a corresponding harvest. Today we shall be considering the return on investment on some God’s generals and Patriarch in the bible. The first person we shall be considering is Isaac, the bible records that during famine in Gerar, Isaac sowed and reap the same year an hundredfold. Gen 26:12-14.

Peter releases his ship for Jesus investment to Jesus ministry and he caught a net breaking multitude of fishes (return) as stated in Luke 5:1-8.

Paul a mighty man of God invested much in prayers, fasting and Preaching of the good news(investment) and the bible records that God perform extra ordinary miracles through the hand of Paul as recorded in the book of Acts 19:11. And part of the seed sown by Apostle Paul is still bringing in harvest up till now, long after his departure, as most of the book he wrote is still bringing people to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ also was a heavy investor when He came into this world as divinity in humanity, the bible records that he always withdrawal to the wilderness and prayed all night Mark 6:46-47, and this act cumulated into physical returns of using only five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed 5,000 men, Mark 6 :41-44.

God the ultimate investor, invested His only son Jesus Christ and due to that the return or harvest is that He is regaining back all His lost children.

It may be interesting to alert ourselves of what and where to invest in, so as to be able to have a return that will last and undeniable.

Spiritual investments include:
Prayers – You can increase the time of your prayer life, 2 Corinthian 9:6.

Fasting – it may be very challenging a times, but as a child of God there is need for us to include fasting as part of our Christian life. Zec 4:6.

Preaching and Evangelism is another way we can invest, as the return cannot be quantified. Matthew 6:33.
Some Practical ways we can invest or sow is

Getting involved in service in the vine yard of God, investing your God given gifts, which the bible says it will make way for you. Pro 18:16.

Sowing of your finances is another practical way of investment which the bible records that will give you a hundred fold return at minimum. Mark 10:29-30. Increasing your financial sowing qualitatively and quantitatively is a wise decision as you cannot out give God.

Also another way of sowing, is to sow into the life of men of God, especially your pastor. Matt 10:41-42. In know way will you loose your investment.

A seed of corn, when sown can give as much as 1,400 seeds after it has been invested

In conclusion, the bible encourages us to always sow Eccl 6:11,in Psalms 126:5-6 is assuring us to even to sow in tears as the harvest is coming with a lot of rejoicing. At this juncture, I will leave you with this; everything you need is in the seed you sow. The rewards that Jesus gives far outweigh anything, any act of generosity we can do.


A sermon delivered by Pastor Victor OLOBANIYI on September 24, 2017.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK