Remember God in our Youth, By Sister Josephine Ekanem

Remember God in our Youth, By Sister Josephine Ekanem

It is essential God intervenes in our lives. In the days of your youth you must remember him as your creator, Ecclesiastes 12 vs 1-14. Unfortunately nowadays our youth community is jeopardised due to many reasons, as a result we find many young people disconnecting from Christianity. However the bible teaches us the importance of knowing God, in order to take us on a journey through life to eventually become the most productive in his kingdom.
God has been there for you since the beginning, blessing us with his love. Uniquely, he commissioned you do one thing; to go forth and bring fruit from the seed he planted within you. This seed should be harvested with the right mentality to create more for you and generations to come.

Furthermore in life some days will be more energetic than others and so we lose some of that energy due a situation we find ourselves in. In Psalm 103 vs 3-5.
As a child of God I like to refer myself to a tree. A tree has thousands of leaves, and with the right conditions these leaves are able to flourish. Now imagine that some leaves have become a problem which surrounds you, slowly the colour of those leaves changes from green to brown like autumn. Likewise the discolouration of those leaves is your loss of hope therefore it has developed into a problem you’re unable solve. Ultimately those leaves fall of your branches.

Nevertheless once God takes control, he will reward you with a renewed leaf. I pray God has the opportunity to complete your tree with beautiful leaves. Amen. So that we feel renovated with our returned energy, and like an eagle we have sovereignty to soar the heavenly skies.

Moreover In Psalm 144:12. For a man to know his ways in life having a strong foundation is vital, as establishing those spiritual dynamics earlier on helps him to frame the way he lives. Hence for all the ladies we are the neck of a man. Without us a man is unable to function correctly. As Gods children we should join forces and work as one as well as understanding the roles we carry out in life.

Deuteronomy 5:16. It is imperative to have a good relationship with your parents; they are your care takers. Honour them don’t be disobedient, listen to them they’re wiser than you. They are doing their job our God has ordered, that is to keep you safe. In addition it says “that your days maybe prolonged” we all want to live a long victorious life that is beyond human ability, how we treat our parents now defines how our own children will treat us.

I encourage you to allow God to manifest in our lives, because he is a miracle working God. And I guarantee he will satisfy us with more than what we imagined. I pray that it is our portion in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

The sermon, Remember God in our Youth, By Sister Josephine Ekanem, was delivered on August 27, 2017

Article by RCCG EFA YORK