Reassurance Concerning His Promises, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Reassurance Concerning His Promises, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text: Joshua 1 vs 5 and 3 vs 7.

Assurance means a positive declaration intended to give confidence.
In everyone’s life, at one point or the other, there is always a time when me and you as a person need a reassurance of something that you know before, which eventually gives you more courage to press on in life and build more confidence in whatever you are doing or want to do.

Despite the fact that Joshua was with Moses and saw the physical manifestation of the works and ways of God, there was still a time that God has to reassure him that He will be with him as He was with Moses. Joshua 1:5 and 3:17.

We also know that, despite the fact that a wife knows that without doubt her husband loves her, she still at one point or the other wants a continual affirmation of that word I LOVE YOU and cares for you.

At this juncture, I have good news for you. I will like to inform you that all assurance of living the best life which is God given life, is in the Bible and also all reassurance, needed to carry on in life so as to live a successful life is also in the Bible.

The word of God is infallible, it existed before the creation as we can read in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word…” And this word will also last till eternity, because it is nothing but the truth.

It may be necessary to point to you some common issues of life and also give you some relevant bible passages that reassured us that it is all well.

Are you a Student? Ps119 vs 99 – 100.
Are you looking for a life Partner? Prov 18 vs 22.
Are you Sick? Exo 15 vs 26,Isaiah 53 vs 5, Gal6 vs 17.
Are you lacking? Phil 4 vs 19.
Are you in Fear of death? Psalm 118 vs 17.
Are your weary or frustrated? Isaiah 40 vs 31.
Are you weak? Phil 4 vs 13.
Are you facing any Spiritual jihad or somebody is contending with you? Isaiah 54 vs 17.

You may be anxious Phil 4 vs 6 – 7.
You may be intimidated by somebody that thinks he is higher than you Lam 3 vs 37.
Or is it that you are troubled/Confused/Afraid? John14 vs 27,to mention but a few.

Brethren I must let you know that there is nothing that is confronting you that does not have its solution in the word of God.

I will encourage you to invest in reading of the word of God (the Bible) and with the help of the Holy Spirit of God, you are more than conquerors in Jesus mighty name.

Stay blessed.


The sermon, Reassurance Concerning His Promises, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on October 15, 2017.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK