Prayer Points for April Fasting and Prayers Week (18th – 24th April, 2016)

Prayer Points for April Fasting and Prayers Week (18th – 24th April, 2016)

April 2016 – Month of Settlement Beyond Imaginations

1 Peter 5:10, and 1 Cor 2:9.
Psalm 118 and Psalm 51.

1.       Thank God for the opportunity availed you to be part of this great commission and programme.
2.       Confess your sins before Him. 1 John 1:9 and Prov 28:13.
3.       Thank God for the theme of the month Settlement beyond Imaginations.
4.       Pray that God will protect all your blessings this month and henceforth in Jesus name.
5.       Father please grant me, my family and your church special favour that will settle us for life this month and beyond as you did for Peter in Jesus name . Luke 5:1 – 11.
6.       Daddy please by your mercy, still every storm confronting me , my family and your church for our divine settlement. Mark 4:39.
7.       My Father and my God please put an expiry date of now to all my sufferings, the time of Jubilations(my morning) has finally come in Jesus name. Psalm 30:5.
8.       Father please grant me that uncommon idea that will settle me for life in Jesus name. 1 Cor 2:9.
9.       Daddy please use me also to settle people as you use Peter. Act 3:1 – 11
10.   Father please let your settlement be able to leave an inheritance for my children’s children in Jesus name.Proverbs 13:22.
11.   Add your own prayers. Matt 7:7.
12.   Thank God for answered prayers and enjoy your settlement beyond imaginations in Jesus mighty  name.


Article by RCCG EFA YORK