Obedience – A Key To Our Divine Possibility, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Obedience – A Key To Our Divine Possibility, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT: EZEKIEL 37 vs 1-14, GENESIS 12 vs 1-4, GENESIS 13vs14-17,GENESIS 15 vs 5-6, GENESIS 17vs1-8 and GENESIS 22 vs15-19.
How far you will go in life largely depends upon your obedience to God.
If you want to fulfil God’s destiny in life, you will have to obey Him that knows the end of a thing, as He has all the master plan and the road map to your destination is all planed and architected by Him. Isaiah 46 vs 10. It is undebattable to think that HE that knows the end of a thing will definitely know the easiest and best way of getting there.

Jeremiah 29 vs 11 went further to tell us what He expect and wants for us to achieve in the end.
The obedience of prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37 to the commandment of God made him see what anybody has never seen when God took him to the valley that was full of very dry bones.

Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy and he did and he saw the result of that act of his obedience instantly, it was beyond human comprehension

So all your so called impossibilities can be turned to possibilities if only and only if we learn to follow the instructions of our great maker, the Almighty God.

From our text above, we shall be considering one of the partriact in the bible who to a great extent obeyed God and that pays him well as he obtain the promise that looks very impossible and that is the person of Abraham.
Abraham is described as the father of faith and this was achieved simply by his obedience to the commandments and instructions of God.

If you must go far in life, your obedience to your maker is undebatable.
Obedience works hand in hand with righteousness, the bible even records in 2 Cor 10 vs 6 that when your obedience is complete, every disobedience will be rewarded.

Abraham was told in Genesis 12 vs 1-4. to get out of his country, kindred and from his father’s house ,unto a land that was not mentioned. This is like forfeiting the certain for the uncertain, but Abraham obeyed anyway, and that was the beginning of his step to greatness and the fulfilment of God’s divine purpose for his life.

In Genesis 15 vs 6 it was recorded that Abraham believed God and it was counted as righteousness for him.
After God made him those unimaginable promises ,somebody that has no child, at the age of close to a hundred to be the father of many nations, his children will be like the dust of the earth, like the stars of the heavens and such like.
Now more ridiculously to now think that after having one child, God told him to go and sacrifices that child to him Genesis 22 vs15-19.

We are all partaking from the benefit of Abraham’s obedience to God.

I pray that the grace to be obedient to God’s instructions and words we shall receive now in Jesus mighty name.Amen

Your obedience to the word of God , the Bible is your obedience to Him directly.


The sermon, Obedience – A Key To Our Divine Possibility, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on December 11, 2016

Article by RCCG EFA YORK