My Time of Favour Has Finally Come, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text: Ezekiel 21 vs 27, 1 Samuel 16 vs 1 – 13, 2 Cor 10 vs 18.
As you all know that this is our month of Divine Overturn, and our text is taken from Ezekiel 21 vs 27. God said three times repeatedly that He will overturn,overturn,overturn until that Blessings, Favour, Victory, Success,Triumph, Prosperity gets to you.
In the book of 1 Samuel 16 vs 1 to 13. we saw how God overturn the anointing of Jesse’s sons by Samuel until it gets to David, whom God has decided to enthrone.
My prayer today is that the good Lord will overturn situations to your favour in Jesus mighty name.
Samuel would have anointed the wrong person ( Eliab)as king,but God in His Almightiness prevented him from doing so, and the seven sons of Jesse which may seems to be more qualified,none of them was chosen by God.
I prophesy in the name of Jesus , no matter how many people seems to be more qualified than you, God’s favour is locating you right now in Jesus name.
As Samuel was not able to rest until David was anointed as king, I pray that as many as God has purposed that will be your helper will know no rest until the assignment which God gave them is completely carried out in Jesus name.
The best Job in town, God will take away from the wicked and safely deliver into your hands,the best contract will locate you,you will live in the best health and all the good things of life will God give to you in Jesus name.
In this month, everything you have lost, or somebody has denied you of will,you will recover all with interest in Jesus name.
You are blessed far beyond human imaginations.
You are lifted far above oppression and every bondage is broken in your life in Jesus name.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK