May 2014 Theme – Divine Establishment

Establishment is described as setting up, or starting a particular thing or a project. It can also refer to building, constructing, initiating and installing a structure. It has different meanings, but for us here at the Everlasting Father’s Arena, it simply means settlement, success, freedom, achievements and breakthrough.
In the case of Joseph, he arrived in Egypt as a slave boy, and, later became a prisoner within a few months of his arrival. It could only have been God, who overruled the judgement and suspended the laws of imprisonment for him. This happened only because; God needed to establish the prisoner, to showcase him as an example of a divine establishment and a good success. God made Joseph to come in contact with the destiny helper, and that was how he became divinely connected and established in the land where he knew nobody, to the extent that Pharaoh decorated him and gave him almost everything he had (Gen 41:41-46). You will be established in this land in Jesus’ name.
In 1 Chronicles 17, the Lord had a completely different plan for David, the shepherd boy. He established him everywhere he went, and made his name so great, that he became a celebrity. The Lord did not stop there; He even gave David a future plan for establishing His seed (1 Chronicles 17:8). This month of May, the Lord will settle you and your family in Jesus’ name.
Beloved, whatever you would require for your settlement and establishment in this new month have been approved by God, just begin to rejoice and appreciate Him for what He has done. You will be divinely established in Jesus name.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK