Giving/Sowing: A Leadway To Superabundance, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Giving/Sowing: A Leadway To Superabundance, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

God our father, the almighty is an ardent giver. John 3vs16. He gave Jesus the only son to make the work of redemption possible, so as to gained back many that would have perish in which I am one of them.
Without Him giving Jesus Christ for the remission of our sin, there wouldn’t have been any hope for humanity.
Jesus was also an incurable giver Act 10 vs 38.He was very committed in healing the sick, Matt 14 vs 14,He raised the dead John 11 vs 43, He delivered those in bondages Mark 5 vs 1, He fed the multitude that were hungry Matt 14 vs 13-21.

Why was Jesus doing all these, and must He have to do all these?

He went through all this and even went to the cross to die for me and you, just to have in abundance as many as possible back in reconciliation to his creator,(God) what a great Love.

I must submit to you at this point in time, that if you are not a giver, as a Christ follower, then the seed of God is lacking in you. Romans 8 vs14.

There cannot be harvest without sowing/giving, so as the word of God says in Genesis 8 vs22, there will always be the seed time which will always proceed the harvest time as it were.

There are even a times you will also need to sow in tears,so as to eventually reap/harvest in joy.. Psalm 126 vs 6.
The bible also record that the more your seed sown/give, the more your harvest. Prov 11 vs 24, 2 Corithians 9 vs 6.
It is your seed (Quantity)that determine your harvest (Quantity),that is the law of nature,so also we can put it this way that it is your sowing/ giving that determine your income. Luke 6 vs 38.

Looking at a few example from the scriptures.
The widow of Zarephath 1 King 17 vs 7-16.
The widow and the shunamite woman 2 King 4 vs 1-37.
The church at Phillipi. Phillipians 4 vs 15-19.
Nevertheless, God is the multiplier of all seed sown2 Corithians 9 vs 10.This is where favour comes in, because your labour of sowing and giving can only have the multiplying effect of the harvest/ abundance by the favour of the Lord. Romans 9 vs 16.

The magnitude of your harvest depends largely on three factors.
The quality and quantity of the seed sown.2 Corithians 9 vs 6.
The nature of the soil in which the seed was sown Mattew 13 vs 1 -23.(e.g,sowing into the life of a true man of God and also in the church of God where the Spirit of God dwells. and
The ultimate which is the God’s factor . John 15 vs 5b.

My prayer is that as you sow in this season, the favour of the Lord will breathe mightily upon your seed and will bring into your life the superabundance that is beyond your imagination in Jesus wonderful name.


The sermon Giving/Sowing: A Leadway To Superabundance, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on January 29, 2017

Article by RCCG EFA YORK