Focus on God: Your Pass to Experiencing Phenomenal Promotions and Achievements, by Minister Joseph Ogunjobi

Anchor texts: 2Cor 3:18 (AMP); Ps 75:6-7

As the month of phenomenal promotions and achievements is rounding off, the Lord wants us to consider a key to always unlocking the door to this experience that will outlive this month.

To have focus means to concentrate attention and effort on something without wavering; to put all your energy, gaze on one source such that it’s hot enough to explode. Focus is the meeting point of a man’s effort in life.

From our texts, promotion comes only from God and as a man continues to behold Him in (focus on) His Word, he experiences transformation leading to all forms of promotions and achievements at diverse degrees of glory. Therefore, a phenomenal achievement is a continuous life and not a one-time event.

Examples of those who through focus experienced phenomenal promotions and achievements

Elisha: 1 Kings 19:19-21- right from the beginning of his ministry, Elisha displayed a high sense of focus by burning the bridge behind him and followed Elijah. In 2 Kings 2, we saw that phenomenal promotion and achievement are hard things and only a man of focus ply the road. Elisha focused on receiving the double portion of Elijah and did not settle for less in spite of persuasions from his master and the crowd. Are you bothered about what people say to you when you’re sure and definite of your pursuit? Behold those who mock you will soon prostrate before you in worship as it happened to Elisha.

Uzziah: 2 Chron 26-We saw that phenomenal achievements are only guaranteed as long as a man maintains his focus on God. Uzziah sought God and he strongly became prosperous but when he shifted focus he consequently came down from the height of his fame.

Peter: Matt 14:22-32-Peter was the first human being after Jesus to walk on water. Others walked on parted rivers and sea. What a great achievement! When Jesus said unto him “come” He meant “focus on me Peter and then walk”. But when Peter started to look elsewhere (the cloud around his target) he began to sink. It thus means you cannot look away from Jesus while you walk on the water of life.

How many of us look away from Jesus today and still want to enjoy the inheritance He will lavish on us?

Conclusion: Brethren where is the focal point, that is, the meeting point of your pursuits in life? Are we still focusing on the giver of gifts or the gifts? Have you looked away from Jesus and are beginning to sink right now? To live a life of phenomenal achievement we have to maintain our gaze on Jesus who is the hope of our glory.

Focus on God: Your Pass to Experiencing Phenomenal Promotions and Achievements, by Minister Joseph Ogunjobi, was delivered on September 27th 2015.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK