Every mother must know God, and must know how to do Good to fulfill purpose of God

By Minister Aramide ADELUGBA,
Mother’s day is our day of joy and celebration. It is a day for all women to thank God for being a mother, for the mothers who gave birth to them, and also for people who have played great mothering role in their life.

I will use this medium to encourage us that as mother, the first role we have is to know God, The second major role is to fulfil the great desire to do something significant to make the life of others better. As mothers, our role is to make sure we make our husbands happy, make our children happy, and make people around us happy. Be prepared to make an impact in the life of people, whether it is your colleagues at work, or families within the church, or the people out there who we come across on a daily basis.
It is not a coincidence that today is the last Sunday in the month of March, which has been themed the month of Exceeding Great Rewards, and the fact that it is the Mother’s Day.
Galatians 6:9-10 – And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. 10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith
Some of the things we are enjoying now are as a result of the good deeds and alms that our parents have done and given to other people. Therefore, as mothers, I feel it is important to use this Mother’s Day to remind ourselves of our role, and to also fulfil the roles in pleasing the Lord Almighty.
Doing good, is the act of doing something, or performing, or accomplishing something that brings joy and smile to others. These may include making your family happy, be the source of joy for others, encouraging people, helping them to go through situations and supporting people to achieve the purpose of God for their lives. Mothers must learn to do all these.

The act of being kind, accommodating, generous, benevolence and charity are classed as good deed. In life, you are where you are for a purpose. If you have anything today, it is for your use, and for the pleasure of people around you. There are some people who would have something, but they would say to others, don’t let them know that I have it, even when others are suffering.
Doing Good is a big sacrifice. Mothers should be conscious of what would take their families to the next level. There are some women who will sacrifice their own career to help their husband and their children. The Lord will give you double recognition in Jesus name.
In Luke 7:36-39, we saw how the woman whom was described as a sinner heard of Jesus Christ, followed him, and anointed him with very expensive perfume. The Pharisee that invited Jesus Christ and the others were trying to state the obvious, but Jesus Christ said her good deeds would be rewarded. So mothers, we also have the chance to continue in our good deeds.
Our Text today is from the book of Acts 9:36-42. I will give share just five points which I have captioned – SERVE
1. Start to follow Jesus: It is important to realise that, it is not just a matter of doing ‘good works’ alone, that can save you, neither is the amount of help rendered to people, but, it is making a decision to accept the forgiveness of our sins from the Lord Jesus Christ, and make Him our Lord and personal saviour. As a mother, start following God diligently as from today. Fulfil the first role of creation, so that the Lord will bless every good works in your hands, and, that is when you can make the difference. The book of Acts 9:36 tells us that in Joppa there was a ‘disciple’ named Tabitha, with the Greek interpretation of Dorcas. Dorcas was a believer, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Most likely, she became a disciple as a result of other believers coming to her town and sharing the good news about Jesus Christ, or perhaps, as a result of an encounter during one of Peter’s visit to Joppa (Acts 8:4). Her Godliness, kindness and good deeds attracted people to her. She fulfilled the first assignment of salvation, and her Christ-like lifestyle drew people unto the Lord.
2. Engage and determine to be an example of good news: When you are determined to make an impact, you will do everything to make sure that you are who the Lord wants you to be. The world should be a better place because of you. You are now born again, you are now a mother, and God is interested in our good work. So,
What are you doing for the people around you? Acts 9:36 tells us that Dorcas “was always doing good and helping the poor.” I remember when we were still living in Ireland, there were friends who arrived in the country, and before you know it, they would be living and dwelling at our house, some would continue to stay with us for an upward of four months. I recognised that, it was a priviledged, and that was part of why we were there at the time. As a mother, when you assist people, God will bless you in multiple folds in return. When you need anything, you will not lack in Jesus name. Dorcas made clothes for the widows who lived in her city; she stood up for them at every given opportunity. They had no one to represent them or protect them. They could not get much of a job to buy food, let alone buy other things they needed, but Dorcas stepped in to become their advocate. She was a disciple who was placed in the right place at the right time to minister to the needs of her companion. Mothers, you have also come here at this time to help people, support other mothers, students and carry the good news to needy people in this city of York.
3. Resist Limitation to do good: Not too much of Dorcas was documented in the book of Acts, but the bit we know has brought about history. You may not be rich, or have a big house, but what you have, can be used to bless others. There is tendency that Dorcas was a single mother, she may have even lost everything herself, but her enthusiasm to help others encouraged them to stand by her in the height of her need. Dorcas did not say, “Well, I am also in trouble, I also need a husband.” She might have been overwhelmed by all the needs herself, but she used what she had to assist others without limitation.
4. Value the lifestyle of good deeds. In Acts 9:36 Helping people became the way Dorcas lived, eat and breathe. It is possible to be a role model for your family. There are so many families when you hear about their testimony, it would amaze you. They can give everything they have without even thinking about it. Dorcas helped and supported everyone around her. She made great impact, changed life and encouraged people. Change your lifestyle from today; seize this opportunity to make people want to serve your God.
5. Embodiment of good deeds: Dorcas became so important that, when they called upon Peter to come pray for her, he did not hesitate to come down. He went straight without delay. The people of God will surround you everyday of your life in Jesus name. Do you know that when you support people, they would always be there for you? This is the way people you don’t know would attend to your case; they will rise up to support your children in Jesus name. The testimony is that God will not overlook your salvation, your alms giving and, your good deeds will stand up and help you and your family in Jesus name. Your family will be highly favoured of the Lord in Jesus name.
Conclusion: God will make you to fulfil your role as a mother and you will reap the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. As you have celebrated this Mother’s day, you will celebrate many more in Jesus name. God bless.

Delivered on March 30th, 2014 at the occasion of Mother’s Day Celebrations

Article by RCCG EFA YORK