Empowerment (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Empowerment (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

As we all know that the prophetic theme of this month of July is Divine abilities.
Ability by definition, is the possession of the means or skill to do something, it can also be described as the Capacity, Capability, Potential, Power, Talent, Experts and Mastery of something.
However, when the Lord is involved, then it becomes divine, then we can conclude that, Divine ability is the God’s given ability to do something, which in most or in all cases is beyond our human capability as it were.
When we consider, the exploits done by some people in the bible, we shall without doubt know that it is the pure act of God.
Samson in the book of the Judges did some exploits which includes, Slewing a thousand men with the Jaw bone of an Ass at a go, Judges 15 vs 15. Single handedly took the doors of the gate of a city, including the two posts and the bars and putting them upon his shoulders to the top of an hill, in Judges 16 vs 3, Rented a lion as like a kid with his bare hands. Judges 14 vs 5 and 6.
Through divine ability/enablement of the Lord, Abraham and Sarah at the age of 100yrs and 90yrs respectively gave birth to the child of promise Isaac. Genesis 17 vs 17.
Mary the mother of Jesus was divinely enabled to give birth to Jesus by Immaculate Conception. Matthew 1 vs 20.
Philip in Acts 8 vs 39-40 was divinely transported by the Spirit of the Lord from Gaza to azotus after having an awesome time with the Eunuch.
By divine ability, Elijah outran the chariot of King Ahab to the gate of Jezerel. 1 King 18 vs 46.
By divine enablement and ability, David killed the Philistine giant, Goliath with a stone in 1 Samuel 17 vs 5-7.
However, this divine ability comes upon a man as a result of the Holy Spirit on the subject involved.
Without knowing God and having the Holy Spirit, you cannot manifest these type of abilities as mentioned.
Acts 1 vs 8, talk of receiving power after that the Holy ghost has come upon you, that is been empowered to do exploits.
Daniel 11 vs 32, says that ,they that know their God, shall be strong and do exploits.
Jesus the Kings of kings and the Lord of lords was only able to do much after that the Holy Spirit came upon Him as read in the book of Matthew 3 vs 13-17.
So in other for you to be able to do the extraordinary, the Holy Spirit must have to rest upon you and become your senior partner.
Without the Holy Spirit we are powerless, and we cannot do much ,if only we are able to do anything, for the bible says in John 15 vs 5 says for without me, ye can do nothing.
To be continued.

The sermon, Empowerment (1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on July 16, 2017.