Divine Meeting For Life Settlement, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Divine Meeting For Life Settlement, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT : 1 Peter 5:10 , 1 Cor 2:9, LUKE 5:1-11, Acts 3:1 -11.
AS this is our month of Settlement beyond Imaginations, it may be necessary to start preparing ourselves for the pleasant surprises that God has in stock for us. As they do say expectation is the mother of manifestation.

Although the settlement the good Lord is talking about is the settlement that has not been heard of before, as He said in 1 Cor 2:9, that Eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him.

The case study will be Jesus and Peter as seen in Luke 5: 1 – 11 and in Acts 3: 1 – 11 we read about the settlement beyond imagination that the man that was born lame encountered using Peter and John.
We can say that you do not necessarily need a man of God to be settled ,but you definitely need a man from God.

When God decides to settle a man for life, He just simply arranges a divine meeting, which no one can by any means explain.
He divinely arrange a meeting between Himself and Peter in the book of Luke 5 :1 – 11, which put a final paid to Peter’s struggle in life.

God arrange a meeting between the lame man at the beautiful gate of the temple in Acts 3:1-11,which left the recipient a miracle that he has never witnessed before and not only that, but brought wonder and amazement to all those that witnessed and heard about it.

My prayer is that God will arrange a divine meeting for all of us here that will settle us for life in Jesus name.
It may be necessary to know that we need to play some role for this to materialise.

1. We have to be in the Right location(Place). As we see with Peter and Jesus, Peter in the lake of Gennesaret Act 5:1 and also Peter and the lame man Acts 3:2
2. Right time also cannot be over emphasized. Acts 3:1.
3. Right attitude is another key factor to settlement beyond imagination. Act 3:3 and 5
4. Then obedience, Acts 3:8. to mention but a few.

I pray that may this season not pass us by in Jesus name. And that God will arrange for a meeting this month for you that will launch you into your permanent rest for life in Jesus mighty name. (Amen)


A sermon delivered by Pastor Victor OLOBANIYI on 10th April 2016. 

Article by RCCG EFA YORK