Prayer Points for the 21 Days Fasting For RCCG EFA York (2nd to 22nd January 2016

A. Start by Singing some songs to the most high God.
B. Ask for forgiveness of your sins .Prov 28 vs 13,Rom 3 vs 23,1 John 1 vs 8 and 10.
C. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, family and the church of God.

Thanksgiving prayers to be done every day of the fasting.
(Psalm 9 vs 1-11, 34, 66, 100, 107, 118, 138.Good but not compulsory everyday)
1. Father I thank you for sparing my life and making me to witness this great year 2016.
2. Father I thank you for divine healings and divine health over the past years.
3. Father I thank you for divine provisions and protections over the past years.
4. Father I thank you for every blessings and favour I have received from you so far.
5. Father I thank you for counting me worthy of this great revival and changes that is about to happen.
6. Father I thank you for your church EFA York that you have been keeping / upholding.
7. Father I thank you for every various deliverance of all sort you have done in my life.Psalms 91 vs 3.

Other prayers for the days
8. Daddy please empower me and the church for the assignment you have for us in Jesus mighty name. Acts 1 vs 8.
9. Daddy kindly bestow upon me and the church the grace to carry out this assignment without wavering or fainting. Isaiah 40 vs 31.
10. Father grant me the ability to wait totally upon you henceforth and to do things your own way. Prov 3 vs 5 – 6.
11. From now on, my Spiritual mind be sensitive to the dictate of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.
12. Daddy please activate my Spiritual antenna to always operate at the expected frequencies in Jesus name.
13. My Lord please remove and prevent any Spiritual insulators (sin),that have or may want to hinder my prayers this year in Jesus name. Isaiah 59 vs 1-2.
14. Power to be dead to sin and alive to righteousness fall upon me now in Jesus name.Rom 6 vs 11.
15. Daddy please immunise me against any discouragement and failure in this my Christian race in Jesus name. Rom 8 vs 35-39.
16. Empower me Lord with the grace to do your perfect will effortlessly.
17. Daddy this year, please grant me your speed in all that I do in Jesus mighty name.
18. Father please make me signs and wonders to my world this year and beyond in Jesus name. Isaiah 8 vs 18.
19. Daddy please show up yourself in all my endeavours henceforth, working little and reaping big.
20. Daddy give me more thirst for You, your Word and the Holy Spirit more than ever before in Jesus name. Ps 42 vs 1
21. Father I pray that henceforth, may I never be satisfied with my relationship with you, always wanting more of you in Jesus name.
22. Daddy please empower me and your church for the great exploit as you have promised. Dan 11 vs 32b.
23. Our Lord and God, remember your church EFA York for good this year in Jesus name. Isaiah 49 vs 15.
24. Daddy we ask that you will continually add to your church daily such as should be saved in Jesus name. Acts 2 vs 47.
25. Father please make every member of EFA York Fruitful and Productive in Jesus name.Gen 1 vs 28.
26. Daddy please continuously and divinely guide the leadership of EFA York 1 Tim 2 vs 1 -3.
27. Father please bestow upon the pastor the ability to always ask and wait upon you before taking any step or decision as may be necessary.
28. Daddy please fortify me and the church EFA York, against any attack of the enemies in Jesus mighty name. Isaiah 54 vs 17.
29. Father please render impotent any weapon fashioned against me and EFA York in Jesus name. Isaiah 54 vs 17.
30. Our Lord and God, please advertise / show case me and your church EFA York beyond our wildest imaginations in Jesus name.Daddy please keep permanently opened, the doors you have opened for us. Rev 3 vs 8.
31. Father please protect all our blessings from evil attackers in Jesus triumphant name.
32. Daddy we decree that any arrow fired at me or any abiding member of EFA York to backfire at least seven times in Jesus name.
33. My God, from now on .I refuse to seek help from any other place anymore, please help me Ps 121 vs 1-2.
34. Daddy please make me and your church, flames of fire that, we will be too hot for the devil to handle.
35. Father please give me the grace to release all that I have, for your use on your demand.
36. Daddy by your power, I refuse to surrender to Satan and his followers ever again in Jesus name.
37. Merciful God, please crown all my efforts and that of your church with unbelievable/undeniable harvest this year and henceforth in Jesus mighty name.
38. Father I decree from now on, no more bareness/fruitlessness of any kind in Jesus name.Deut 7 vs 14.
39. Loving daddy please protect me and your church from every wolves in sheep’s clothing. 2 Cor 11 vs 13-15.
40. Anointing for all round success fall on me now in Jesus name.
41. Daddy please grant unto us in EFA York our beffiting place of worship sooner than expected in Jesus triumphant name.
42. Daddy please make EFA York the Spiritual Citadel and mount Zion of Europe in particular, and the whole world in general.
43. Daddy please when the fruits begins to materialise,I shall not be found wanting in Jesus name.2 Tim 2 vs 6.
44. You can add your own prayers.
45. Begin to thank God for answered prayers in Jesus name.

Your Light Will Shine


Today is Palm Sunday by the grace of God. It is important to reflect and learn from the event that took place during the last week of Jesus earthly ministry. The ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ was full of miracles, healing and power. Several people, who never had the opportunity of meeting with Him prior to that time, were blessed to have taken part in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The light of our Lord Jesus Christ continued to shine, even as the people planned to kill Him. Public recognition and outpouring of love for the King of kings was without measure as He entered into Jerusalem. It was necessary for the Lord Jehovah to show His face to His critics at this moment in time, so that the purpose of God would be fulfilled. He stepped out with amazing power and boldness, following the miracle of bringing Lazarus back from dead (John 11: 31-43). If there is anyway, the enemy has hidden your face, and caused you to remain there, you will come out with boldness, and the light of God will shine in your life in Jesus name.
The main text of this Palm Sunday is to share with you, how the light of God shone in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, even at the point of Him being crucified (John 12:12-19). The scripture declares in Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. There is difference between light and darkness. When darkness is removed from your life, there would be a replacement with light, this light is the power of God, and will shine upon you in Jesus name. You will not experience darkness in Jesus name.
Palm trees and red carpet party: John 12: 12-13, shows how many people went out to celebrate the light of God in the life of Jesus Christ, when they heard that He was coming to Jerusalem. The people of the land accepted Him and celebrated Him. They took palm trees and organised a red carpet reception for the Lord. The Lord will cause all those who are planning a coup against you to accept and honour you in Jesus name. They will sing your praise, and, you will be called champion in Jesus name. In Judges 11:1-11, Jephthah was completely rejected, disowned and expelled from the city of his birth. The scripture recorded that in the fullness of time, the same family members and community who expelled him, went back to look for him, so that he could fight and win war for them. Jephthah was made their champion and leader. The light of God that was gone from his life shone again. The Lord will make you the leader of your community in Jesus name and the light of God will shine in your life in Jesus name.
God will fulfil His prophesy in your life: John 12:14-16, shows fulfilment of prophesy which was declared by Prophet Zachariah (Zach 9:9-10). The Lord God rode on the horse and entered into the city with power and authority. Every prophecy spoken into your future for progress, achievement and success will begin to come to light in Jesus name. The Lord will arise and have mercy on you. David was a man who was greatly honoured. He became king, despite all oppositions, and, the light of God was upon his life. In I Chronicles 17:16-27, David called to remembrance the promise of God, and, the Lord of heaven honoured and fulfil His words in Him. You will be greatly honoured in Jesus name.
Light can shine through testimonies: The light of God can shine in your life when God answer your prayers, and, put testimony in your mouth. The light shone in the life of Jesus when people saw the miracles he wrought.
In Matthew 21:11, “and the multitude said, this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee”.
When the multitude saw the miracle of how the dead Lazarus was brought back to life, they did not need special anointing to declare that, the Lord is the King of all kings. They recognised the power of God, they received Him and they testified that He is Jesus the Lord of Lords, and, they magnified Him. I pray for you that, your families and friends will hear the testimonies of God concerning you and, they will serve your God in Jesus name.
The light of God was shinning in Apostle Paul’s life. In Act 19:1-20, Apostle Paul went about doing the great work of God. He was teaching, baptising, instructing, healing and building champions. He healed a lot of sick people by the grace of God. People who were afflicted used Paul’s handkerchiefs and aprons and received healings. This is the light of God. However, some vagabonds and exorcists wanted to try the power, they thought it was a mere joke. They tried to heal people possessed with demons by their own effort for profit making. They gathered together people with evil spirits, and attempted to drive the spirit out from them. The difference between light and darkness is not in your ability, it is in the power of almighty. The evil spirit recognised the difference between the light of God in Paul’s life, and, the darkness that existed in those exorcists. They spoke out, defended themselves and, cleaved unto them.
Acts 19: 15-16 15 and the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? 16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.
Conclusion: The power in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ represents light. That was the reason why the light cannot be quenched. Everywhere He went, darkness bowed for Him. When He triumphantly entered Jerusalem, the people bowed and darkness disappeared. Therefore, let your light begin to shine before men today and forever, that people would hear your testimonies and good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Dr. Aderemi Adelugba at the RCCG Everlasting Father’s Arena, York on 24th of March, 2013

Purge yourself and have rest on all sides

Purge yourself and have rest on all sides, by Dr Aderemi Adelugba

Text: 2 Chronicles 14: 1-7; 15: 1-15

The month of February has been declared the month of Divine Cleansing by God Almighty through His prophet. The simple meaning of cleansing is purging. Purging away of all uncleanliness is required before you can have rest on all sides. Un-cleanliness means iniquity, sins and filthiness. If all these are not purged, it would result in complication and unpleasant situations like afflictions, lack of peace, failure, lack, unproductiveness, joblessness, sickness and many more. Therefore, it is absolutely important to acknowledge our transgressions and recognise that, only the King of kings can purge and wash us clean. We have to turn away from all crookedness, wickedness and ask the Lord for a clean and pure heart.

Isaiah 55:7: “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; Let him return to the Lord, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, for He will abundantly pardon”.

Repentance and restoration are two fundamental experiences a man must undergo before he can be separated for the Lord’s use. Without these, they would not enjoy God’s rest. Sin is not to be covered up. If you cover up your sins, God can come down with heavy hands. But when you call upon Him, He will purge and restore you for favour (Psalm 32:3-5). May the Lord cleanse all our iniquities and make His spirit to dwell in us in Jesus name.

The Israelites were God’s own people. He had compassion over them and, they were highly favoured. He even called them His son (Hosea 11:1). But unfortunately, they continued to disappoint God who had planned their repentance. They were engrossed in sins and uncleanliness. Still, God was so keen to bring them back to righteousness. For their joy to be full, and for them to have rest on all sides, they needed to get rid of all the strange gods (2 Chronicles 14:3). God on numerous occasions raised up Judges, Priests, Prophets and Kings. King Asa of Judah was one of them.

In 2 Chronicles 14:1-7, King Asa inherited a nation full of greed, idolatry, anarchy and all forms of sins and uncleanliness. Asa’s first responsibility was to purge the land of all sins. King Asa led a powerful revival that lead to cleansing and restoration of the people. The focus of this sermon was to reiterate that a child of God must purge himself or herself before they can have peace and rest. The scripture says in Asa’s days as king, the land was quiet for 10 years. I don’t know what stronghold or turmoil you are experiencing, but now there shall be peace in Jesus name.

Peace and prosperity: These can only happen when people put God first, and walk away from all uncleanliness. Asa did just that, he destroyed all alters of Baal and high places. God would not abandon His people, if they can turn away from all uncleanliness and turn to Him. He would invite and cause them to enjoy peace.

God reacts to our actions: Asa acted, and God honoured Himself in the life of His people.

2 Chronicle 14:5 “Also he took away out of all the cities of Judah the high places and the images: and the kingdom was quiet before him”.

If you choose to get rid of your filthiness and sins, the Lord is sincere, just and faithful at all times to help and respond to your willingness. He is our constant help in trouble. For a long time, Israel was in the hand of Jeroboam and, the misbehaviour of Rehoboam after the death of Solomon. They paid dearly and were ruled over by godless kings. But when King Asa came, divine turn around came for them. Every atrocities or mistakes you have made in your life that has caused you problems, the King of kings will cleanse and restore you back in Jesus name.

For you to have rest on all sides, you must seek Him wholeheartedly: The Lord destroyed the Ethiopians and restored His people (2 Chronicles 14:11-14). To seek God wholeheartedly would mean to ignore sins and remain cleansed. In this month the Lord will give you rest all around in Jesus name.

In 2 Chronicles 15:15. And all Judah rejoiced at the oath: for they had sworn with all their heart, and sought him with their whole desire; and he was found of them: and the Lord gave them rest round about”.

Humility is required, if you must remain purged: The Prodigal son returned to his father in humility – Luke 15:11-22. We saw how the prodigal son landed himself in a deep mess. He spent all his inheritance lavishly, drinking and living in sin with boys without future. But one day, after he had hit the bottom of his failure, feeding with swine and dwelling in poverty, he discovered the need to be cleansed and return in humility. Luke 15:18 “He said, I will arise and go to my father, and will say to him, Father I have sinned against heaven and before you”…The Lord will grant you the courage to arise and be purged. He will receive you and grant you rest on all sides in Jesus name.

You must meet Him daily in fellowship, praises and thanksgivings: In Luke 19:1-10, the bible showed us how the man Zaccheus encountered the Lord Jesus Christ. This unpopular wealthy short tax collector was hated by his fellow Jews as a terrible sinner. He might have been hearing about the powerful miracles the Lord Jesus had been doing, and he desired to know Him. For Zaccheus to be purged, he needed to meet the Lord. The Lord is waiting for you. Desire Him and He will dine with you. Following the encounter, Zaccheus enjoyed the salvation of the Lord with his household Luke 19: 9-10. The god of money in his life was dethroned, and the saving Lord was enthroned in His life. Therefore, you are also a candidate of heaven.

God can purge and heal every sickness: Only the Lord of heaven can purge us of all infirmities. Not a king or prince of this world. He can undo what the earthily doctors have declared concerning your health. God spoke his word through Elisha into Naaman’s leprosy that, he should go and wash in Jordan seven times. Following this, Naaman’s flesh became like that of a little child (2 Kings 5:1-19).

I don’t know what your sins have been, how much you have wrongfully received from people, what the doctors have spoken concerning your health. The Lord is inviting you back to himself and He will perform wonderful miracles in your life and, you will have rest on all sides in Jesus name Amen.