Wonderful Testimonies – Your testimony is here in Jesus name

By Pastor (Mrs) Eunice Kudehinbu,
Our God is a miracle worker. He does as He pleases. The scripture we read in the book of Luke 8:43-48 shows how powerful our God is. He made the blood that was flowing for 12 years to stop in just one day. He is a good God, and the God of testimony.
In Daniel 3:26-36, Nebuchadnezzar was put to shame in the presence of people. He thought his man-made power could allow him to do whatever he wanted, but God failed him, and he was put to shame. The outcome was the promotion that was enjoyed by the three Hebrew boys. The testimony is still being shared all over the word today. This month, someone here shall be promoted, and, they would share their testimony soon in Jesus name.
There’s nothing God cannot do. He can change your situation. The Lord spoke the word of healing into the life of a man who had an infirmity for the previous 38 years. The man sat constantly by the pool of Bethesda daily, hoping that one day, someone would help him to enter into the pool, years after years, he remained the same, and at the same spot, until the Lord brought testimony to his life. The Lord will make you laugh this month in Jesus name. He who laugh last, laugh best, the Lord will give you the best laughter over your situation in Jesus name.
Why does God allow testimonies?
To make people appreciate God’s intervention: In Gen 21:2-3, through the intervention of God, the case of Sarah and Abraham became a wonderful testimony. They became parents in their old age. It shows how much God can do regardless of age and time.

To prove God’s spiritual strength: It is not by power, and not by might, but God has all the power in His custody. God can grant you testimony to show His power and strength, and, to show that no amount of strength can withstand that of God (Psalm 2:4; Psalm 37:12-13).
To teach us some important lessons: (Psalm 20:7) In whatever you may be experiencing, the Lord will give you victory over that situation. The Lord would give you breakthrough in all areas of life, and He will show you the plans He has for you in Jesus name.
To establish a believer, for them to exact all His power: Sometimes it would look as if something would not come to pass, but by the power of the most high. You will be established and you’ll not be derailed in Jesus name, the Lord will exact his power in your life in Jesus name.

To establish our faith: Another reason why God can grant testimony is to establish our faith (Mark 5:27-30).To strengthen you, and to make sure that, when situation comes confronting you, your faith will stand. Whatever may be waging war against your progress, the fire of the Lord will burn them into ashes (Daniel 3:16-17).


1. Let the joy of the enemy upon the progress of my life be turned into sorrow in Jesus name.
2. Father, let the anointing of Overcomer fall upon me and my neighbor in Jesus name.
4. Father, make me and my neighbor a Channel of your blessings in Jesus name.
5. Father, revive my spiritual life in Jesus name.
Isaiah 49:15-16
Say to yourself:
Thank you Father for having me in constant remembrance
Ps 46:1- God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. He is present in times of trouble; He will never abandon you in Jesus name
I pray that whenever you call upon the name of The Lord in times of trouble, He will answer in Jesus name. No matter what you are going through, just hold onto Jesus and He will see you through in Jesus name.


Article by RCCG EFA YORK