Think on these things…

By Dr. Yomi Sanusi –
Welcome to September 2013, the season of renewal. I thank God for the opportunity to share these words, which will hopefully challenge me to follow God more closely.


God has deliberately created us to be dynamic beings. In fact He gave us free will, and told us to be productive (Genesis 1.27-28). I am persuaded that we humans were not created to be stagnant, idle or bored. We are all endowed with various abilities, gifts and talents we may not even know existed. It is our duty to discover them, and put them to the best use we can.

Dynamism, productivity and increase require the condition of toil. But we must toil intelligently, correctly and with guidance from God himself.

What would Jesus have you do?

A few years ago a young woman from New Orleans became depressed after her friend died. That loss brought things into perspective for her, and helped her think about her own life. She ended up carrying out a social experiment, putting an outside wall of an abandoned house to good use. She provided writing materials and invited people to complete the sentence ‘Before I die I want to……..”. That project became so successful it has been repeated at least 300 hundred times in no fewer than 50 different countries around the world.

Think about that question yourself. What if the question was changed to ‘before I die I want to…., and be remembered by by it when I’m gone”. How different would your response be? Now think about how the Lord Jesus would have answered that question! He in fact answered it with everything he did, and is remembered for it!! Now answer this question: Before you die what would Jesus have you do, even if you’ll never be remembered by it?

Whatsoever……think on these things!

Regardless of where you are now and what you have achieved in the past, we have an obligation to press ahead and improve ourselves in every aspect of our beings. Including spiritually. In the first chapter of Colossians, the deeper meaning and urgency to incessant prayers and the knowledge of God in Christian life is highlighted. Colossians 1.9-10 (Colloquially speaking: We pray you will know God’s mind, and thus please Him, leading to you knowing Him even more). In other words, at a higher level of understanding we have to come to a realisation that it is all about God!

Our ambitions would be laughable and our strivings futile were they not in line with His desires for us. Some of the responses to the ‘Before I die I want to……..” questions were petty, silly and in cases sad! God knows us best, knows the talents He has deposited in us. He would stop at nothing to to see us achieve the fulfilment of our potential. But He will not routinely force us against our will. Our will needs to mature to become aligned with His. Phillipians 4.6-8. (think on these things)

In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25.14-15 ), the master gave talents to every man according to his several ability. Every servant had some ability, and received a measure of talent. It was left to them to obey God’s unction on their lives and be productive. We can seek to be productive individually as well as collectively (1 Cor 3.6-9)


Do you know your talents and abilities? Are you doing something to find out what they are? Are you using any of your abilities for the benefit of others and to further the Kingdom of God? What is the motivation behind what you do? What is the motivation behind what you do not do? What would you like to do before Jesus comes back? Before you die what would Jesus have you do, even if you’ll never be thanked or recognised for it ? Colosians 1.9-10 Phillipians 4.6-8.


Article by RCCG EFA YORK