The Word of God – The Cure To Dry Bones (These Bones Shall Live Again!), by Brother Chibuzor Kama

The Word of God – The Cure To Dry Bones (These Bones Shall Live Again!), by Brother Chibuzor Kama

Before we go ahead I will want us to establish some basic facts I discovered during my study. The basic scripture –text for the message is Ezekiel 37 with emphasis on verse 3 even though the reading started from verse 1 through to 10.

The reason for this is when studying a particular scriptural text, it is always wise to understand the previous/preceding texts involved; this action is required for better understanding. So let us get into it.

Beloved dry bones are infrastructures, note that every dry bone has potential but your sensitivity matter a lot, what are you seeing? The fact or the truth? Your opinion or what God is saying to you about the dry bones?

Dry bones here can represent that particular situation that you have given up on or that you don’t ever believe will work out to favour you no matter how you try. If you study Ezekiel 37 from verse 1 and 2 you will realize that Ezekiel was never in control. The Spirit of God was in total control as he took hold of the great man to show him that particular situation.

This is quite interesting, sometimes in life, it looks like nothing is just working out for our good. This might just be as a result of a particular situation that you have not solved, it might just be a key to other doors. You need the Holy Spirit to grab you and show you what to do or how to go about it because no matter how you think about it or you try to solve it, things might not just work.

The interesting part of verse 2 was that these bones were completely dried out. Some versions said it was bleached by the sun which means no hope for that situation humanly speaking (the doctors have said to you that the illness is taking your life in a few days’ time, your tutor has told you just forget it mate you have to rewrite the paper or leave the university, the home office have told you, my brother, my sister just go to your country no hope and so on. Situations with dead ends you have already concluded). But beloved again the truth you have not seen Is not the fact you are seeing. There is a solution to that problem.

I perceive God telling you to speak and prophesy to that issue brethren, in verse 4 God outrightly showed us what he expects us to do to dry bones. |Instead of crying and trying He expects you to prophesy. He asked Ezekiel a question and Ezekiel knew he could not predict or describe God’s next intention due to his experiences with God from chapters 1 of the book of Ezekiel up until 36.

And he knew so far how God had been operating so his clear answer was that God only you know the answer (most of us are quick to help God answer his question). Then God says come on prophesy and command the dry bones to live again. God won’t come down to tell you what to say or help you solve the situation He has given you His word, so prophesy to that situation.

Look at this. God told Ezekiel something interesting in chapter 2 verse 8 to 9 and then chapter 3 verse 1 to 4. This part moved me/ He has given you His word, eat it and prophesy to those dry bones and they will respond to the specific command you give to them. Remember God was specific Ezekiel 37 vs 5 and 6 He described how He wanted those bones to recover.
You can do the same all you need is to challenge that situation with the right word of God (Luke 21 vs 15, Jeremiah 1 vs 9 and 10) and keep prophesying. Every dry bone has the potential to come alive, they won’t walk until you call them together with the words from your mouth.

Also, note that it is one thing for you to speak to that dry bone and for them to recognize the voice speaking. They have ears and they know the voices to respond to. God did not just pick Ezekiel and asked him to prophesy. He made him feed on His word as seen earlier then he spoke the very words of God. Same here God expects us to do the same.
The question is, do you see potential in that dry bone? Whatever the situation it is that seems dry to you God is saying prophesy and as you do the dry bones will come alive (Isaiah 55 vs 11) IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

The sermon, The Word of God – The Cure To Dry Bones (These Bones Shall Live Again!), by Brother Chibuzor Kama, was first delivered on December 18, 2016

Article by RCCG EFA YORK