The Word of God Is My Confession, by Minister Yomi Sanusi

The Word of God Is My Confession, by Minister Yomi Sanusi

As we continue on Divine Confession, our Theme of the Month we want to take a few minutes to contemplate, exhort each other and practice confession from the scriptures.

Mark 11: 11-24

Jesus used the plight and condition of the fig tree in Bethany to draw his disciples’ attention to privileges and powers available to the people of God. He wanted to drive home the point that
the prayers and uttered declarations of men and women who have faith in God will be answered directly such that they will have and receive whatsoever they desire, and whatever they say. What a potentially dangerous privileges and powers to have! Well understood however, the sanctified ought to use these wisely, even in the context of our busy modern lives. But first we need to keep Christ Himself at the centre of our desires, focus and purpose.

The mind of our Lord Jesus was perpetually focussed on the mission of saving humanity and reconciling us to God. He used everything, every opportunity, every object, and every event he could capitalise on; to train, teach, illustrate, persuade and prepare the Christian for modern life today. He wants heaven to be our focus in these perilous times.

From the mundane to the spectacularly impressive it is our duty to keep our focus on doing exactly what He did. We should strive to use the normal, abnormal, paradoxical, expected, boring and exciting aspects of life in this age: to redirect the focus and reason for life back to the original intention of God. Just like Jesus used the demonstration of His authority over nature and reason to teach the disciples then and us now, we must keep these basic and essential facts perpetually in remembrance and practice.

We have the responsibility to ensure that the necessary distractions and legitimate excuses will not detract from our inner life and true purpose of our existence- to worship and be His companion, prepare ourselves and others for afterlife in the new Jerusalem.

In our arsenal we have use of the power in the name of Jesus, which happens to be the highest authority, the most potent power there ever shall be. We have a spiritually derived birth-right to the only privileges that matter in this life and the next! We have use of the Christian faith by which we live, and which can help set in context these seemingly ordinary and mundane events of life.

We have the Word of God! The written, spoken, embodiment and perpetual bond of God. The hidden-in-my-heart word that scripture describe as the ‘Power of God’, Source and sustainer of our Faith, Our Promise, The Prophesy, God’s Law, Meditation, Principles, Protection, Insight, Inspiration, Wisdom, Guidance, Correction, Admonition, Testimony, Weapons unto victory, Encouragement, and the basis and guarantee of our Forgiveness and Salvation. It is also a Refuge, Secure description of our Future, Our Songs and Hymns- Indeed everything we could ever need or want.
(John 1:1, Hebrews 4:12, Luke 1:38, Luke 5:5, John 6:63)

Confessions and prayers:
Dear Holy Spirit, reveal unto me your living word as it is needful for me now and today. Guide me this minute and hour in what to say and do. Fill my mind with the remembrance of the word of God, and perpetual meditation in them. Write your word in my heart permanently.
Jesus Christ, Thank You for the salvation of my soul. Thank you for my less-than-perfect walk with you so far. I love you and keep your commandments. I hear your word and do it. I hide your word in my heart. My heart, mind, soul is full of your word; and love for you.
My God and Father who art in heaven. I surrender everything to you.
I have what you say I have. I am what you say I am. I can do what you say I can do. The reason I live is to love you, and spend every aspect of my life with you and for you. I will use the power in the name of Jesus. The Word of God is everything to me, that the bible says it is. The word of God does for me, everything that the Bible says it does.

Further confessions, meditation and prayer with Psalm 1. 1-6, Joshua 1. 7-8, Psalm 19.7-14

The sermon, The Word of God Is My Confession, by Minister Yomi Sanusi, was delivered on August 14th, 2016.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK