The Lord Will Do A New Thing

—- Pastor Musa Bako

When God wants to do a new thing, the beast of the field and the dragon cannot hinder it. The beasts are a type of a demon spirit that resists the advancement of the church.
Beasts represents closed doors, and they can also represent attacks that comes in different shape and forms, which can begin to affect the future and destiny of a man.

God is prepared to remove these beasts and dragons for your sake. He will make the room open and His church will grow in Jesus name.

When God opens a new thing, He will compel the beast and dragon to be subdued under you.
every beast against your life will be destroyed in Jesus name.

The way God works is amazing, and that includes the way He says things to us. When God is ready to do a new thing, Part of the things He would do is to take you back to where you started , which means in the process of your journey, if there is something you have lost, God is able to bring them back, so that you could have a new start. Whatever you think is lost God will bring you back to it in Jesus name.

The Lord can do a new thing for you through the following:

1. Order your life in a new way. God is able to redirect your path in life. He’s able to reposition you to His glory, and through this process, He will be able to do something new for you.

2. Believe for something new: If you don’t believe God for something new, you will still continue to operate at the same level of success. But when you believe that the Lord can do unto you what eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor hath entered into any man heart. Believe and the Lord will do a great thing in your life.

3. Desire for something: you must begin to have a brand new desire and invention, and see how the Lord will open newer doors for you. If you choose to stay in the same place, you would not be able to see and receive new things the Lord is about to give unto you.

4. God will start to speak to you. If you listen to Him, He will do unto you and open new doors of favour and opportunities, but you must let him speak to you concerning your future.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK