The Grace That Distinguishes, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

The Grace That Distinguishes, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT : I SAMUEL 16 vs 1 -13.
We earlier defined grace as unmerited divine assistance given to humans, a virtue coming from God, it was also defined as unmerited favour, God’s free action for the benefit of His people.

A character in the bible that benefited from this abundant grace we will be talking about is the man David.
David was the last boy of Jesse, and from our understanding of the scriptures he was the one looking after the sheep of his father. So on this occasion when Samuel visited the house of Jesse, David was not at home.

Naturally as it were, he was not even needed neither was his presence required for a king to be chosen, but grace did not only needed his presence, but grace qualified him to be the king.

When Samuel got to Bethlehem, and invited the people for the sacrifice, the elders and the house of Jesse, David the God’s chosen king was not there at the time.
Prophet Samuel in this case was not looking beyond the appearance and had wanted to anoint the wrong person, but God cautioned him, I Sam 16 vs 6-7.

I pray the wrong person will not take your God’s ordained position from you in Jesus name (Amen).
My prayer is that God will have the final say in every situation pertaining unto you in Jesus name.
All the son’s of Jesse came to Samuel one after the other ,but they were all not chosen, but God decided to chose the person that was never thought to have qualified for this position.

To whom that God chooses He qualifies, so your qualification is irrelevant if God has an assignment for you, because He will qualifies you and equip you with the resources needed and also give you the grace to complete the task.
I pray for that abundant grace needed to complete our God’s divine assignment for us to come upon us now in Jesus name.

Grace of the Lord distinguishes David from the rest of his brothers; I pray also that the grace of God will distinguishes you out of the crowd in Jesus name.

David was very busy doing his father’s business in the field with the sheep, that could be termed , his primary place of assignment, and the grace of God located him,Prov 22 vs 29. In this case David was not only standing before kings, but he himself became the king.

I pray as you diligently operate in your primary place of assignment the abundant grace of God will locate you and catapults you from the last to the first and from the back to the front in Jesus name.(Amen) Shalom!

The sermon, The Grace That Distinguishes, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on October 22, 2017

Article by RCCG EFA YORK