The God of Total Accomplishment, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

The God of Total Accomplishment, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT : 2 TIM 4 vs 7-10.
Accomplishment is something that is successfully carried out, it is the successful achievement of a task. It may interest you to know that not to him that started well has accomplished, but to him, that ends /finish well. Eccl 7 vs 8a. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

Your starting matters, but your finishing is the most important.
Looking at the character in our text of this morning, we will see that Paul’s beginning was a doom, as far as the kingdom of God is concerned, but his end was worth emulating. 2 Tim 4 vs 7-8.

While Paul was still alive, by the grace of God he could confidently say that he has totally accomplished and attained. I pray that will be our own testimony in Jesus might name.

Also to help us accomplish, we will like to consider some of the hindrances to our total accomplishment and restoration.

Love and cares of this world. 2 Tim 4 vs 10. Demas was known to start well with Apostle Paul, but the testimony about his end was not encouraging. To love this world is a total derailment from the purpose and the will of God for your life. The care of this world will choke away the expected commitment to the work and desire for God’s kingdom and assignment.

Another hindrance to total accomplishment and restoration is Laziness. Prov 10 vs 4.When you are lazy, nothing ends well, as God himself is a hard worker, and consequently, He expects all his children to be hardworking as well.
If David decided not to pursue after the Amalekite, after coming back from three days battle, he wouldn’t have been able to recover all as was mentioned in 1 Sam 30 vs 8.

An unstable mind can also be a hindrance to accomplishing well. James 1 vs 8.
This is to mention but a few. I pray the Holy Spirit will help us to attain the plan of God and purpose for our life in Jesus mighty name.

A powerful boost to total accomplishment and restoration is Encouragement most especially when you seek after that in the Lord, through prayers and reading of the scriptures. We were told that David encouraged himself in the Lord.

In any case, total accomplishment and restoration come from God alone, so it is foolishness to ever think we can do anything without the involvement of the Almighty. John 15:5b.

May the good Lord grant us the grace to always abide in Him, so that we can fully accomplish our God-given task and assignments in Jesus name.

The sermon, The God of Total Accomplishment, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi, was delivered on May 22, 2016

Article by RCCG EFA YORK