The doors will open of their own accord for you in Jesus name

By Pastor Aderemi ADELUGBA —-
Text: Acts 12: 1-19
Brethren, this morning we would consider how God can allow doors to open of their own accord when they are shut. This month is the month of “Great Escape”. The scripture says in John 8:36 if the son set you free, you are free indeed. The Lord has granted you freedom, and no power or forces can undo it. So you are simply a free man and woman.
The door is an opening or closing used to block off an entrance. The purpose of a door is to admit people. An open door is synonymous to escape. The escape we are talking about includes freedom from prison, sickness, lack, poverty, death, oppression and destruction. I pray that none of these will hold you down in Jesus name. Doors are very important; they are used to shield a house from invasion. However, if doors are shut and locked against someone, that person may equally be classed as prisoner, until someone comes along to set them free.
When doors are closed, you will need to exert some degree of pressure to open it. Even if it is an electronic gate or those controlled by buttons, there would need to be some intervention. The question is can closed doors open without any intervention? Yes, they can by the grace of God. Closed doors represent prison, while open doors bring man to their freedom, deliverance, safety and escape. You will not be locked up in Jesus name.
The aspect we would touch today is how God can make doors to open of its own accord, and make it a route of deliverance and escape.
Our text is the book of Acts 12: 1-19. We saw that Herod Agrippa was so powerful with his earthily strength and ability. He could do anything, he was able to kill and maim and give instructions to detain people. In verse 2, he took laws into his hand and beheaded James, the brother of John. He then went ahead to capture and imprisoned Peter. In verse 4, he apprehended him and put him into prison, awaiting death. The usual thing in jail or prison is that, the warders will strip the prisoner of all your honours, remove their clothes, reduce them to nothing and then lock the doors against them. Peter was subjected to the highest level of humiliation while awaiting serious punishment from Herod.
But something happened in verse 6-7, while he was still bound in chains and shackles between soldiers, prayer was made without ceasing by God’s people, and suddenly, when Peter fell asleep, the glory of the Lord shone powerful lightening unto him, and guess what his chains and shackles broke. Every chain the enemy has used to bind you will fall apart in Jesus name.
The whole process looked like a dream. God’s power was in action. He took Peter, and they passed through first and second wards and the scriptures states in verse 10: that gates that leadeth out to the city opened of their own accord – This is a miracle, the same Peter that was held bound in chains few hours earlier, found that the doors of wards opened for his freedom. God is able to do all things. The guard and the gatekeepers slept off. The Lord blinded them from realising what was to happen.
Brethren, doors can still open of their own accord today, but we would need to understand and be given to prayer.
For doors to open of their own accord, you must be given to prayer without ceasing – Acts 12:5: Nothing happens by accident. The book of Acts 16: 25-26 25 and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. 26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. Prayer is the master key for doors to escape, and we cannot just assume that things would just change by default. Your enemy understands this principle, which is why they continue to prepare in the physical. You need to continue to pray, and as you pray God will set you free from all imprisonment in Jesus name.
For doors of freedom to open for you, you must understand how to call the lightening and fire of heavens down: in 1 King 18: 36-39, the fire that burnt the wood and the rock is the fire of God. In our text, the lightening that shone on Peter was from above. Although, Peter was asleep, but he knew how to call down the fire of God, he stood there without fear. Even though, he recognised what Herod was planning to do unto him, yet he was able to sleep in the middle of problem, he had rest. The Lord will take charge of your life and will perform everything concerning you in Jesus name.
When doors open of their own accord, God will release you and make you to recover and reclaim all that the closed doors have taken from you. God will allow you to take with you, those things that the enemy thought you can never have again. In Acts 12: 8 – The Angels told Peter, you don’t need to be in a hurry to leave this prison. Take your time, wear your sandals, fasten your belt, go and take all possessions you have been stripped off and when you are finished, we shall be on own way. I pray that, the Lord will grant you freedom and the time to reclaim all the things you have been robbed off in Jesus name.
Boldness is required to walk through the open doors when it happens: Boldness is required if you must walk through the open doors. With God, liberty is free, but you must recognise that it can only be God who is able to set free. Everything remains a mystery and like a dream and vision to Peter, until the angels disappeared and he returned to his senses. He said surely, the Lord has sent his angels to give me liberty. You will need boldness to achieve greatness and walk tall. Proverbs 28:1b – the righteous is as bold as a lion.

Delivered on December 8th, 2013.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK