Empowerment For Service, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Empowerment For Service, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi TEXT : ACTS 1: 8 , 2: 1 – 4. We shall be considering two words from our text of today. Power (Dunamis) also means Authority. Witnesses which can also be interpreted as Ambassadors. Jesus said in Luke 2:49, they should tarry in Jerusalem until they are endured with power , which is very necessary/pivotal if we must be successful in ministry or…Keep Reading

July 2014 Theme – Vigour and Strength for Service

Our theme for the month of July focuses on our relationship, commitment and commission to serving our Lord Jesus Christ. This month is about renewing our vigour and strength for Christ. As Christians, it is important to take stock, reflect and review our salvation and our responsibilities. Think on how the Lord has saved your soul and took away your sins. Think on how He blessed and established you. Think…Keep Reading