Prayer Points For RCCG EFA York March Fasting and Prayer (March 21 – 27, 2016)

Prayer Points For RCCG EFA York March Fasting and Prayer (March 21 – 27, 2016)


PSALM 118 and PSALM 51.

1. Thank God for the opportunity availed you to be part of this great commission and programme.

2. Confess your sins before Him. 1John 1 vs 9 and Prov 28 vs 13.

3. Daddy as you have promised us this month as our month of divine liberty, please make it good unto us in Jesus name. John 8 vs 36.

4. Father Lord please by your mercy grant me, my family and your church unlimited liberty in all areas of life.

5. Daddy please set me, my family and your church free from every form of bondages we are presently operating under in Jesus name.

6. Every evil curse and bondages ,I command you to in the name of Jesus to turn to blessings and freedom according to the pattern of Balak and Balam. Num 24 vs 10.

7. Father please visit my foundation and that of EFA York and do the necessary adjustment in Jesus name. Psalm 11 vs 3.

8. Daddy please, anything in my life,my family and that of your church that is not of you, uproot them now in Jesus name. Matt 15 vs 13.

9. Every conspiracy of the wicked ones over me ,my family and the church of God, backfire now over the planners in Jesus name according to the order of Haman and Mordecai. Esther 7.

10. Daddy please by your mercy, I release myself and my family from all forms of self inflicted bondages in Jesus name. Job 22 vs 28.

11. Father Lord, please keep me away from any step, decision or plan that will lead me to any form of bondage in Jesus name.

12. By the mercy of God, I free myself from all ancestral bondages in Jesus mighty name. Psalm 11 vs 3.

13. Every mark /incision on my body both physically and spiritually that has put me under bondage, be eradicated now completely by the blood of Jesus.

14. Daddy please set to nought after the order of Ahithophel every counsel that will put me, my family and your church in bondage.2 Sam 15 vs 31.

15. Thank God for answered prayers.


Article by RCCG EFA YORK