Praise A Spiritual Catalyst for Divine Help, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text : Acts 16 vs 16 – 34.
A Catalyst by dictionary definition is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction, it causes a reaction to happen more quickly.
it can also be defined as an event or person causing a change.
Looking at our text of today, we can see how the praises of Paul and Silas arrested the attention of God and brought about a sudden help that was not even expected from the receivers.
Both naturally and supernaturally,praise is capable of fast forwarding reactions which now happens much ,much earlier than expected.
Employing the power of praise is a very wise thing to engaged in if we want a divine help from the Lord.
what petition cannot achieve, is a very easy thing for praise to achieve, as we read that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people.Psalms 22 vs 3.
Also in 2 Chronicles 20 vs 22 – 30, the praise of the children of Judah and Jerusalem, made God to fight for them in an unusual way,that there enemies fought themselve to finish.
When you praise God, your battles becomes His battles,2 chro 20 vs 15,your worries becomes His worries,He takes over your fight and comfort you on every side.
When you praise God, the supernatural happens, the miraculous manifest,the invisible becomes visible, and the inaudible becomes audible.
Praises can make all sort to happen at an unexpected rate and time.
During praises, failures can turns to Victory Joshua 6 vs 20,Sorrows turn to Joy,Worries turn to rest 2 Chr 20 vs 30,and anxiety turns to Peace Phil 4 vs 6.
A praising life is a lifted life that has been destined to live a life of an overcomer far above principalities and powers.Our divine help can come quicker if we can only engaged in the life of praise.
God is looking for those that will worship Him in spirit and in truth.John 4 vs 23-24.
May the good Lord grant us the grace to praise Him so as to receive divine help from the Lord all the days of our life in Jesus mighty name.
But your praise is only acceptable if only you are a child of God.
You can become a child of God by simply confessing your sin and asking Him to come into your life by forgiving you your sins. Please read Romans 10 vs 9 – 10.
You are lifted in Jesus mighty name.

Praise A Spiritual Catalyst for Divine Help, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on October 25th 2015

Article by RCCG EFA YORK