Obedience will help remove obstructions in your way of escape

—- Pastor Aderemi Adelugba,
Text: Numbers 22: 1-38
To avoid obstruction in our ways of escape, simple obedience in required. Likewise, if you want to escape penalty, fine or punishment, you must start to live your life in obedience. The simple meaning of obedience is adhering to explicit instructions by the responsible authority. As Christians, our instruction is the Holy Bible, and the author of life is the giver of these instructions.
Brethren, it is important for us to think of what obstructions existed in our ways of escape as we come to the end of the year 2013. If they are self inflicted, we would need to pray to God to have them removed, and if they are the types the enemy has placed in our ways, we would call on the Lord, and He will answer us in Jesus name. When there is an obstruction, simple instruction from the Lord is required to remove it. To put it simply, there are situations in people’s life which have caused obstruction, and have blocked their ways of escape. Some people have been held up for several years. Today marks the beginning of your freedom from those roadblocks in Jesus name.
Obedience is the key reason for the season and to removing obstructions: The meaning of obedience is broad, ranging from living to please God, accepting Him as your Lord and personal saviour, and living to be available for His use etc. December is a blessed month and a festive season indeed. We all want to enjoy and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, we must pause, and reflect on whether we are fulfilling the reason for the season, whether we are actually living in obedience to the sets of instructions that have been given to us by the person whose birthday we are celebrating. There can never be a better time to have this reflection than now. The encouragement to you this morning is that, you need to look inward. Lamentation 3:40-42 let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord…..
In Numbers 22:12, God said to Balaam, thou shall not go with them; thou shall not curse the people; for they are blessed….
Obstruction is automatic when you disobey God: In our text Numbers 22: 1-38, we saw how Balak invited Balaam to curse and destroy the people of God. The initial response of Balaam agreed with the word of God. But when pressure came, more reward, and potential gold and silver, he caved in and thought he would go to Balak anyway. In verses 21-22 – Disobedience reigned, Balaam rose up in the morning and went with the princes to Moab, and God’s anger was kindled because he went. We need to do what He says.
Listen to God’s instruction: Stop asking God to dance to your tune, when He speaks to you once, listen and obey. Psalm 62: 10-11… God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God. Sometimes, we are so much in a hurry for God to answer our request, or to say what we would like to hear. The angels of the Lord caused obstruction on Balaam’s way to Balak, and he was blinded to see what the obstruction was. Brethren, obedience is better than sacrifice. There are things God must have instructed you regarding his work and service, it is time to do away with festivity and be Kingdom minded, think on those things and return to Him in obedience, so that you will have a free flow. Stop making Him to repeat Himself, and stop interpreting God’s message to suit your own desire, it can be dangerous.
Disobedience blocks the passage into success and makes a man to dwell in the same spot for a long time. Most times, we allow obstructions, simply because, we fail to yield the instruction from God. Most people have compromised obedience, and continue to live in disobedience. It is a priority, and relates to faith and power. So, for you to escape you will need to pause and think, and say, Lord, what would you have me do?
In Act 9:3-5: Saul of Tarsus was on his way to the city of Damascus in Syria to kill more believers, when God brought an obstruction his way. Table was turned against him, and he became a prisoner of Jesus forever. Since then, he laid it all down for the Lord. As believers we need to start to lay it all down, and begin to run the race that has been set before us.
When you do the will of God, your escape will be guaranteed: God is looking for an available vessel. The principle has never changed. When we fail to obey Jesus, we become powerless, and obstructions that are supposed to be lifted remain in position. When Paul was arrested by the Lord, the Lord did not promise him the heaven and the earth, He simply told him Saul, you are completely out of my will; you are fighting me like a stubborn ox kicking against the prick. Therefore, start to obey my instructions and I will make you live.

So for you to have the barrier removed, you must commit your life to a relationship and fellowship with him. Saul did not have to go away, to think about his encounter with the Lord. He simply responded with Acts 9:6, what would you have me do? Paul went straight from that point into preaching. When God says you need to do something, please do it for your own sake, to avoid roadblock in other areas of life.
In 2 King 4:1-7, the widow simply obeyed the divine instruction, and this became an open door to her prosperity. Pains and poverty that stood in her way as obstructions were lifted as a result of obedience. God used the man of God to bring out what she had as potentials.
This can happen to you too, all you need to do is just obey, and He will remove the obstructions in Jesus name.

Sermon preached December 15th 2013

Article by RCCG EFA YORK