My Time of Help Has Come, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text: Psalm 121 vs 1-2; Psalm 46 vs 1 – 11; Isaiah 41 vs 10 – 13.
This is our month of Divine Help, and beyond reasonable doubt I want to believe every one of us need help in one area or the other.
I must submit to you that, irrespective of the way you are looking at it, if God does not help you, you cannot receive any help from anybody, because it is God that puts it in any man to render any form of help to another.
So it is God that is the ultimate helper of all.
The psalmist said my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121 vs 2.
Some of the areas where we do need help includes,
1. Where you have been held captive – so you need freedom/deliverance(Physical and Spiritual captivity. The woman with the issue of blood was held captive for 12 years in Luke 8 vs 43,but received her freedom through the help of Jesus. Also the mad man of gadara in Mark 5 vs 1 – 5, was only able to be made whole through divine help offered by Jesus, a very present help in the time of trouble.
2. Where you have lost things – Health, Positions, Time/Years, and there is need for restoration. when you call on the helper of the helpless, He promised restoration of all that you have lost Joel 2 vs 23 – 27.
3. Where you are in completely different place and you need to be relocated. Joseph received divine help from the Lord, and he got divinely relocated from the dungeon to the palace, from been a nuisance to a celebrity, from a slave to a honourable prime minister, from a retched bachelor to a honoured married personality that got married to the daughter of the high priest. Genesis 41 vs 14.
4. Where a new start/beginning is necessary or expedient. Psalm 11 vs 3, says if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do, I can only tell you that it is only God that can help you correct the foundation and make every thing new.
5. Where your faith is small Luke 17 vs 5. the disciples despite the fact that they have always been with Jesus, there was still a period where they had to cry out to Jesus to increase their faith.
May the good Lord send us His divine help from above in Jesus name.
To be continued.

Sermon delivered by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi on October 4, 2015.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK