May 2015 Theme – Divine Assurance (Josh 1:5, Josh 3: 7)

Assurance is a positive declaration intended to give confidence or certainty.
In everybody’s life, at one point or the other ,no matter how talented, Intellectual or even Spiritual you are, you will be in dear need of reassurance that will serve as a booster or fortification of confidence in what you have heard or believe in.
Despite the fact that Joshua was worked hand in hand with Moses, and was a witness to the raw power of God through Moses and the exploits Moses did, it came to a time after Moses has departed,that God has to still reassured Joshua that as He was with Moses his predecessor so He will be with him.
It may interest us to know that God is again reassuring us in Everlasting Father’s Arena York that, as He has promised us about Six months ago that though our beginning was small, yet our latter end shall greatly increase. Job 8 vs 7.
My prayer is that this month of May and beyond, the promises of God concerning us as individual and as a church will be accomplished in Jesus name.
You are lifted.
Pastor Victor

Article by RCCG EFA YORK