July 2015 Theme – Undeniable Harvest

This month has been declared our month of Undeniable Harvest by our Almighty daddy.
Luke 5 vs 1-9.
Undeniable means unable to be denied or disputed.
Synonyms includes,indisputable,unqestionable,inarguable, incontestable to mention but a few.
God gave Peter in luke 5 vs 6-9, this type of harvest, when he enclose so much fishes that his net began to break,he shotted for help and the helpers also experience the same thing that their ships began to sink.
If God has done it before, I know for sure He can do a repeat performance,if not more.
My prayer is that the good Lord will grant us undeniable harvest in all our endeavours from this month onwards in Jesus name.
We shall work little, and eat big, a little effort we shall invest and He will daze us with bountiful harvest.
I pray for that divine revelation of what to sow that will lunch you into that undeniable harvest.
Remember Peter got that harvest,only because he sowed his vessel,by relaesing it for Jesus for his preaching, he also sowed his time by waiting for Jesus until he finishes with the multitude.
Stay blessed.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK