Has God been ordering your steps?

Brethren, where you are located today really matters to God, and He is interested in where you will go from here. It is very possible to be a very brilliant individual. You may also have an excellent understanding of geography, or better still, you may be a high flyer in your chosen career, but if you fail to allow God to occupy the driver seat in your car and navigate you to the destination you desire, it could potentially become a bumpy drive. Psalm 37:23 – The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and He delighteth in his way.

The theme for this month is Divine Direction. The Lord will direct your steps this month in Jesus name. You will not go to the wrong destination in Jesus name. The meaning of step is to set down one foot after another in other to walk or move somewhere. There is something about steps we take in life, and, the way we take those steps. When a man takes the wrong step or turn in the wrong direction, it is almost certain that they will not arrive at their destination on time, or they may even end up in a ditch if God is not on their side. So, the question God is asking you today – Has God been ordering your steps in the journey of life? Congratulations, if you have been allowing Him to take charge of your life. If otherwise, you need to be conscious of the following six points.

Allow God to navigate you – Ruth 1:1-6: There are times when we are stopped by the red lights, which the law interprets as wait. However, some people would run the light in the name of wanting to get to their destination on time, and in the process, they crash into other cars, and the whole journey becomes delayed, and perhaps results in accident. The book of Ruth 1:1-6, is the account of a man called Elimelech. During the time when Judges ruled Israel, there was moral degradation, oppression and famine. Elimelech responded to this season by relocating his family, he left Bethlehem-Judah for Moab. My first exhortation to you this morning is – Did God ask you to move? If you say you have so much knowledge of the city, and your geography is brilliant, wait until you take the wrong turning at a one way street to test your knowledge. Some of us have so much relied on our GPS for a long time that we don’t even make effort to find out what direction God is sending us. If you are not careful, your navigation system can fail and direct you to a place you do not want to go. For example, if the post-code went in wrong, or your GPS needs updating. But if you rely on God, you do not need to ask anyone for direction. Whenever you are in any difficulty, who do you turn to? God wants you to start asking Him for directions and solution from today and, He will answer your petition. If you don’t allow Him to help you navigate your way, it can be disastrous. This man Elimelech lost everything including his own life and sons. Disaster will not strike you and your family in Jesus name.

God will direct you away from the path of destruction: Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thought I think towards you saith the Lord, thought of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. If you let Him direct you, He will frustrate the life of your assailants. Following the birth of Jesus Christ, there were wise men, which followed the stars, worshiped God and gave Him gifts. But Herod asked them to return to him when they would have located Jesus, so he also could go and find Him and worship Him – That was not the intention, his plan was to harm. In Matthew 2:13 – So the angel of the Lord spoke to Joseph in his dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and the mother, and flee to Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word. There is absolute direction in that vision. The Lord will direct you in Jesus’ name. Joseph was directed away before he could be found by the wicked people.

When you seek God’s direction, He will sustain you: God will direct you to the right places, where you will be favoured, where provisions will come for you, where employment would be awaiting you. In 1 King 17, Elijah had declared to Ahab that there would be no rain in the land. Following that, the Lord spoke to Elijah in 1 King 17:3 – Get thee hence, and turn to eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is in Jordan. Elijah did, and God provided for all his need, food, drinks, meat, shelter and all he ever needed. I don’t know what your own needs are in this month of February 2014, the Lord of heaven will rise up to support you in Jesus name.

Be ready to obey His will: Jonah 1:1-2 – When you fail to seek His will in your ways, He will put roadblocks – Jonah failed to heed God’s clear directive for the assignment he was given. He thought to himself, I could just hide away from God. The penalty for his disobedience was so severe, to the extent that he was thrown out of the ship. He lived in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights. However, God is a merciful God, and He gave him a second chance. He wants you to understand that, His ways and thoughts are not our ways. When He says things there must be a performance.
Keep God in your plan, don’t boast about tomorrow: In James 4:13-17 You don’t know what God has in stock for you, therefore, you cannot begin to boast about what you will do tomorrow. All you need to do now is ask Him to help you secure your future. There are decisions we make in life regarding, who our life partner will be, the dream job we would have, relocation, and even what we would like to study in life. The question is, have you asked God to direct you?

Listen carefully to Him: Don’t be like that man Balaam in Numbers 22, when the children of Israel were pitching themselves at the plains of Moab, on the other side of Jordan. Then Balak, the King of Moab saw what God has done to the Amorites through this people, and then he began to fret. He sent message to Balaam, the sorcerer to come and curse the people – He said there is this people who have come out of Egypt, they cover the face of the earth, they are coming to my tent now, please come and curse them. Peradventure I might overcome them. In Numbers 22:12 – And God said unto Balaam, thou shall not go with them, thou shall not curse the people, for they are blessed. God is saying something to you about your future, can you hear Him? If he says, sit down, please obey, and if he says go, please go. You will not take the wrong steps in Jesus name.

Delivered on February 2nd, 2014 at the Thanksgiving Service.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK