Hallelujah in Times of Affliction, by Brother Lanre Oginni

Hallelujah in Times of Affliction, by Brother Lanre Oginni

Some months ago I was talking to a friend about Christianity. She told me she used to be a Christian but she stopped when her mum died. Unfortunately, the backstory of so many who have stopped believing in God.
The question that readily comes to mind is “What was the foundation of their belief”.
The foundation of our belief as Christians is what enables us to see God for who he truly is and not what we feel, think or where told by ‘some man of God’.
God’s goodness shouldn’t be limited to the state of events in our lives, because that implies his goodness is conditional.
Our foundations in Christ determines who Christ is to us during all seasons of our lives. 2 Timothy 2:19

Do Christians suffer affliction?
Everyone suffers on earth suffers one form of affliction or the other at various point in their lifetime, however, there is a strong dividing line between a Christian suffering affliction and a non-believer. Jeremiah 29:10-11
One important thing to have in mind is that affliction has no bearing with what you have done or your perceived self-righteousness. Job 1:1 ; John 9:1-3
The world itself is under attack from the enemy and the Children of God need to hold fast to God to be secure. Revelations 12:12
An affliction is not something that man can resolve. Ephesians 6:12

Our response in affliction reveals our true nature in Christ
Our response to afflictions reveals if truly we have lived and experienced God as a living God and not just as a theological God. Many Christians even those who are decades in Christ do not see God as more than a theological God who they must respect, revere, worship but they have zero experience with him.
In the time of afflictions, these Christians run from pillar to post, from pastor to bishop, church to church, denomination to denomination (as they don’t have peace) and if the problem persists they go into depression and ultimately lose ‘faith’. Philippians 4:7.

What to do in times of affliction
Be assured: Gods masterplan has not changed and everything works to bring about this plan. Even the attacks of the enemy are turned to good for us. Nothing should be elevated more than God, not riches, not healing, not safety. We should never desire anything so much as to begin to doubt God if that thing doesn’t materialise. Gods masterplan is to give us salvation, that must first be settled, every other thing is an addition. Mark 8: 36; Ephesians 1:9-14

Do not be distracted: keep your focus on God. The devil will do everything to derail you at these moments in your life. As the devil tries to distract you, God is refining you, these moments are pivotal in your life. They are the times the chaff are being separated from the wheat. Isaiah 48: 10-11; Matthew 3:11-12

Adjust to God as you receive the RHEMA word: spend quality time in Gods word cause it is from there rhema will arise. The bible has many principles but there is that word that is specific to your situation. Your case is not a test case for God, there is nothing unique with what you are going through. Give all attention to the word. Isaiah 55:11 ; Romans 10:8-9

Continue in praise throughout this period and beyond: Isaiah 49:13-16, this will ensure your establishment. Isaiah 54:11-14.

Jesus tells us to use everything we are to love God, that implies that no matter the circumstances we should continue in love (Luke 10:27). Once we can do this then that all will be returned to us, as God uses all the circumstance of our lives to bless and establish our faith (Romans 8:28).

The sermon, Hallelujah in Times of Affliction, by Brother Lanre Oginni was delivered on March 21, 2017

Article by RCCG EFA YORK