Grace, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Grace, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Grace can be defined as unmerited divine assistance given to humans; it is a virtue coming from God.
It can also be defined as unmerited favour, God’s free action for the benefit of His people.
John 1 vs 16 – 17, 2 Cor 9 vs 8 – 10, 2 Cor 4 vs 8 – 9.

But it may be good to know that before grace to be in operation, willingness comes first, and in most cases the willingness is the seed.
Grace from it’s definition denotes that it can only be given by God to His children,but this grace is only bestowed upon a gift which is already existing in a human.

Brethren, God will not bless nothing, but the bible makes it clear that God is the owner of both seed and the bread. 2 Cor 9 vs 10.But the seed has to be sown by you and me first, before we can see the result as bread.
So for the grace to prosper to come upon you , you must have sown the seed of prosperity.

Grace to evangelise comes upon you after you have step out to preach the word Mat 28 vs 19 – 20.
Grace to pray only comes upon you after you start to pray, fasting after you begin to fast, faith after you start to exercise your faith.

The bible say in Galatian 6 vs 7 – 9, that whatever you sow that you shall reap, so whatever area of your life that you need grace, the Lord is promising that abundant grace more than enough grace is available for you from now on in Jesus name.

By the mercy of God , I pray that abundant grace to prosper, to flourish, to overcome , to evangelise, for breakthrough, to fast like never before , to pray and the pit of hell to quiver , for success ,be bestowed upon you now in Jesus name.

God is waiting for you to sow that seed, and His grace will multiply the seed sown by you and grant you a harvest that is beyond your imagination.

Gen 8 vs 22 , as long as the earth remains seedtime and harvest ……… will not cease.
Brethren, let us wake up and tap into this season of abundant grace that will make us do things effortlessly.
The time of favour has finally come, and all labours will yield a harvest beyond our imaginations, due to His more than enough grace.

To be continued.

Grace, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on July 10, 2016

Article by RCCG EFA YORK