God Is About To Do A New Thing In Your Life

By Minister Aderemi Adelugba –
(Text: John 9: 1-18)
The scripture states in Exodus 34:10 – Then the Lord replied, “Listen, I am making a covenant with you in the presence of all your people. I will perform miracles that have never been performed anywhere in all the earth or in any nation. And all the people around you will see the power of the Lord – the awesome power I will display for you (NLT).
God is about to do something new that you have never seen or imagined in your life. The almighty is about to grant you favour of the highest order. You may be saying where else could I go next? After all, I have achieved all I could possibly achieve. The Lord is saying to you, the peak you have reached today, will be nothing to what the Lord will do for you tomorrow. May be you don’t know how to make a start in your career, finance, relationship and marriage; the Lord will take you to the stage of wonder and overflow in Jesus name. God is about to do a new thing that eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard nor hath entered into the heart of any man in Jesus name. He will give you freedom and boldness, and you will enter into your abundance and promotion in Jesus name.
God can do absolutely everything, and nothing is difficult for Him to do. There are so many examples of miracles God performed in the bible, which was never performed anywhere before. In 2 King 6:1-7, Elisha went with the sons of the prophets to the Jordan, in the process of cutting the materials required to rebuild where they live, the axe head fell into the water, this axe was borrowed and they needed to return it back. But the Lord did an amazing thing which had never happened before. He changed the laws of floatation and, the iron did swim. That was how the axe head was recovered. I don’t really know what your own problems are, but God is in it. He solved the problems for the sons of the prophets miraculously; He will solve yours miraculously in Jesus name. You may have said to yourself, I am just going to pack it all up and go. God says; don’t do that, stay and you will eat the best of the land.
In Luke 5:1-11, Peter was out fishing all night, and caught nothing, he was in the company of other fishermen, and they were already washing their nets when Jesus went to borrow his boat. When Jesus was done speaking using his boat, He had a conversation with Simon Peter, and told him to launch out into the deep and let down his nets for a big catch, He told Peter, I am the one who controls the fishes in the ocean. Peter wasn’t an apostle at the time. He had no faith, but God held him over with His faith. This day something powerful happened in Peter’s life. It was an extra-ordinary thing. God restored and overwhelmed him with great harvest. Even though Peter was a professional fisherman, he knew what time of day he could go and catch fishes. But Jesus proved him wrong. The call of God is always beyond our grasps. He wants to do a new thing, would you allow Him to start?
In our text, John 9:1-18 – There was a blind man in this story. The man did not call out to Jesus at all. The man was just seating down quietly. In some other instances of healing, the people healed had to cry out, for example, the leper cried out and received healed. The army captain cried out and God healed his daughter. In the case of this blind man, Jesus decided to do a new thing using a different approach to reach out to him.
The message for you today is; Even when you have lost hope; God will reach out to you: John 9:1 states, and as Jesus passed by… This suggests to us that Jesus was on another mission. He had every right not to want to look at anyone on his way out, following the event that took place at the latter part of John 8, where the people were going to stone him. It was after this event that he was passing by and saw the man born blind. The man did not show any sign of faith, but Jesus went to him and opened his eyes. Your case is not difficult for the creator of the heavens and the earth – Kabiyesi. This man blinded from birth, never saw a flower, never experienced joy, never seen what he was been fed with. Jesus just went to him, made mud and made him see. The man was able to see for the first time in his life. Some of you may think you have reached your limits, you don’t know what to do again, and your job applications and project proposals have all been turned down. The Lord will grant unto you sweet victory in Jesus name. You will live in the house of your dream. You will become an employer of labour in Jesus name.
Anyone who would enjoy a new thing would stop analysing God: The disciples were so amazed when they saw the blind man. They were adding two and two together to determine what exactly went wrong. In other words, don’t let your presuppositions deflect the plan of God for your life. Some people will try to make sense of what is going on in your life, but God will surprise them before any conclusion is drawn in their minds in Jesus name. God knows what you are going through; He will put the right strategies together to resolve it with an amazing outcome in Jesus name. Eph 3:20. God is able to give exceedingly abundantly beyond everything you are thinking. If you have never accomplished a dream before, God is starting a new thing for you.
Anyone who would enjoy a new thing would not doubt God’s ability: Don’t start doubting God like Zacharias did in Luke 1:13–20. The angel of the Lord said to Zacharias, do not worry for the Lord will do a new thing, and your wife would bear a son, even at old age. Age is immaterial to God, when He decides to make you fruitful; He will do it without consultation with nobody. In 2 King 4: 8-17, Gehazi said to his master, verily, verily, the Shunammite woman has no son, and her husband is old – the medical report for the woman does not look good, and Elisha said to her, about this season, according to the time of life, thou shall embrace a son. Even thou the woman did not believe, God sealed it and was established. Anything impossible in your life would become possible in Jesus name.
You must recognise that certain things must happen for God to be glorified: In the issue of the blind man, the disciples asked the Lord who sinned… Jesus responded no one sinned. Brethren, Jesus understands your bio data. He knows your medical history, and He will walk into it today in Jesus name. Certain things would have to happen in life, for Christ to give you the expected result. This man never saw any joy, but when He met Jesus his joy abounded. New position means new condition. Your incarceration is positional and is temporary. Before we believed in Jesus, we were slaves unto sin. But then, Jesus redeemed us unto himself, and He gave a quit notice to sin, therefore, everything can now be done in our life and we have won all battles with sweet victories.
If new things must happen to you, you must allow Christ to rule in your life: Apostle Paul states in Phil 3:7-8 – But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. Nothing mattered to Paul after the encounter he had with the Lord. He did not care about his intellectual properties, his language abilities did not matter anymore, and his writing skill was used for the things of the Lord. All he wanted to do was to live and live for God alone. If you don’t allow the Lord to rule your life, it would be impossible to receive a new thing from the Him. The man born blind had his position renewed, he became a new man, and He declared and shared his testimonies to the people. He said you guys may call him anything you like, but to me, once I was blind, now I can see, I call Him my Prophet and Messiah.
The question for you today, is there anything dominating your life right now? Are you locked into a way of thinking that leadeth into darkness? Please examine yourself and begin to pray so that God can visit, and, do unto you that which is marvellous, which no eyes have seen, nor entered into the heart of any man.

Sermon delivered on October 13th, 2013.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK