Faith For Divine Ability, by Brother Lanre Oginni

Faith For Divine Ability, by Brother Lanre Oginni

Some Christians have the believe that why they do not enjoy the manifestation of God’s divine works in their lives is because they do not have enough faith. While some automatically exclude themselves from such divine works and limit it to ‘biblical times’ some others go on the journey of ‘building up their faith’. However, what they are actually doing is trying to have faith in faith as opposed to faith in God.

Having faith in faith is believing that there are acts you independently need to do to increase your faith so as to be a partaker of God’s divine works.
God is always cut off when Man has faith in his own faith. We might not know that this is what we are doing, but when we claim things and say ‘it must work out for me cause I am a child of God’ without bothering to find out God’s will we are telling God he does not matter, he is nothing. Our faith must be on what God asks, desires and commands us to do, not in what we want or desire to have happened in our lives or in even what we are believing in faith for. There are so many Christians who are frustrated at God, who are disillusioned and angry with God for not fulfilling what they invested so much faith into, prayed for, fasted for, but God did not come through.

Faith for divine abilities is faith in God

There is a huge difference between a man wanting to see something happen even though he has faith versus God wanting to see it happen. When God asks us to do something, it still requires faith, but all the faith in the world is useless if you are trying to work up something you want rather than what God wants. (Gen 12:1-3) God gives Abraham a command that requires Abraham taking it up in faith after the word had come. Also in Gen (15:4-6), the promise of an offspring was given, and Abraham had to believe in faith for its fulfilment.1 kings 18:36 makes it clear that Elijah’s call of fire from heaven was at God’s command.

How to be Faithful in Christ

God wants us to sit still, study him, speak to him, pray to him, read his words, obey his words, hear it, retain it, persevere in it and then God chooses to come and use some of us for his great works. We should not put the GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:16-20) before the GREAT COMMANDMENT (Matthew 22:35-40). Until we have been disciplined we cannot disciple others. The most important part of our Christian walk is learning to have a relationship with God, learning to hear from him, cause we cannot do anything for God until we learn how to hear from him. The key to supernatural abilities in God is to have faith in what God has said. (Acts 27:25).

An excerpt of a sermon, Faith For Divine Ability, delivered by Brother Lanre Oginni on July 16, 2017.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK