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April 2014 – High & Lifted Up

Our theme for the month of April is High and Lifted Up. This month is a month of celebration for all Christians all around the world. It is even a glorious and an exciting month for us at the Everlasting Father’s Arena. It is the month of our Lord’s victory and redemption. It is the month of reflecting on how our Lord Jesus Christ has been there for us and became lifted up.

In John 12:32, Jesus responded to what He knew would happen to Him, and, how He would be lifted up regardless of the view of people around Him. So, when everybody was worried about Him, the only thing on His minds was expressed in John 12:32 –

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

So, the Lord implied that regardless of what you guys says, or the feelings you might have, the providence and the purpose of God would be fulfilled. As Christians, we are aware of how the Lord was dragged to the Golgotha hill, beaten and killed (Matthew 27:32-40; John 19:23-24, Isaiah 53:9-12 and Acts 2:23). But this effort by the wicked men did not diminish the glory of God for our Lord Jesus Christ. God lifted up Jesus to accomplish the great plan of salvation for His people; and He remains lifted up forever.

Brethren, our Christ is already dwelling in the high abode and lifted up, He does not need to be helped; and no ladder or crane is required for this type of uplifting. He is already there, reigning and ruling as the King of glory. So, it is not the time to cry, but rather a time of new relationship and understanding. Therefore, it is a time to respond to the challenge like Prophet Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:1-13. Isaiah saw a new heaven, a new reality and a new vision about the state of Israel. He saw God’s greatest power, provision, and how the Lord was sitting upon the throne that was high and lifted up. I pray that in this new month, the Lord will be high and lifted up in your family, and you will see a new vision in Jesus name.

To be high and lifted up means, to go from a lower level to a very higher position, to move to an unimaginable height and to break all records of lift. In spiritual terms, the lifting up of our Lord Jesus Christ broke all records and principles of lifts. He became elevated above heights that can be measured. He made the heavens His home, and the whole earth became His footstool.

This month of April, we are responsible to keep Him happy, and keep Him lifted up. Our responsibility is to continue to do what we have been called to do as His chosen one. We need to have Christ like spirit and attitude (1 Peter 5:5), and encourage others to come to the full knowledge of Christ. Introduce your saviour to others by preaching His good news in the towns and cities around you. Our Lord will grant salvation unto those that would come to Him in Jesus name. Therefore, make it a point of duty to preach the gospel to at least three people on a weekly basis, and, as you would preach it; you will be lifted up highly in Jesus name.

March 2013 – Exceeding Great Rewards

God is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. This month, the Lord will start to give you exceeding great rewards for your service unto Him in Jesus name.

To reward, is to give something to someone in recognition of their efforts and achievements. The biblical meaning of rewards consists of blessings, favour, promotion, prosperity etc. When you are rewarded for something, you are blessed. But when you are rewarded exceedingly, all other rewards would not be able to withstand it.

Exceeding great reward means having the best, eating the best, and achieving the best. From the moment God showed Abram what He would do for Him, the heavens were opened unto him. In Gen 15:1 – After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. Even though, Abram was quite rich and blessed, God still rewarded him exceedingly.

When Peter allowed Jesus to use his boat, he caught fishes that exceeded the whole fishes he ever caught in his lifetime. He let down his nets, and God rewarded him exceedingly.
In Ruth 2, God saw Ruth’s persistence, and an exceeding reward followed. For everything you have done to trust God, He will reward you exceedingly in Jesus name.
In Gen 41:38, Pharaoh could not find anyone worthy of honour as Joseph. His reward broke all principles of promotion. In this month of March, you will receive an exceeding great reward from the Lord in Jesus name. Every effort you have made to make the work of God continue will not be in vain in Jesus name.


February 2014 Theme – Divine Direction

YORK FEBRUARY THEMEThe Lord is the best navigator you can ever rely upon to show you the way in any journey. He knows the end of a journey from its starting point. The scripture states in Proverbs 3:5 “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”.

Direction is a course along which we take or move to arrive at our desired destination. If you allow God to direct you in that course of journey, you will arrive at your destination gloriously. So, divine direction is when God supernaturally order your steps, and move you in the right path.

In Joshua 3:1-17, the Lord ordered the steps of His people, He gave specific direction of how to cross the Jordan, and He was in the journey with them. The waters which came down from above stood, and the waters that usually flow down towards the sea of the plain, dried up, and the people passed over right against the Jericho on a dry land, this can only be by divine power and direction.

If God’s divine direction is absent in the journey of life, there is greater tendency that there would be road blocks, and the journey could become difficult and treacherous. In Acts 16:6-7, the angel of the Lord prevented Paul from preaching in Asia during His mission trip. Meanwhile in Acts 8:18; Jesus appeared to Him in a vision, and said go and preach in Corinth, for I am with thee, and no man will hurt you. This month, you will not take the wrong direction, and your journey will not lead to accident or attack in Jesus name. The Lord will show up in your decision making. You will have divine direction in this month of February in Jesus mighty name.

Pastor Aderemi Adelugba

January 2014 Theme – Great Strides

January 2014 - Our Month of Great StridesThe simple meaning of strides is to take a step in walking towards an aim, and to make significant progress in that journey. Taking these steps will include moving with a considerable speed, and, moving forward in leaps and bounds. It is possible to make a stride, and, also, to take a stride. However, to make the great strides requires an extraordinary power and speed. These power and speed are of the Lord. These will make a man to go quicker and, take steps faster than the ordinary.

In 1 Samuel 30: 8 -19, God gave David the power and strength to make great strides, even though, the Amalekites must have been running for many days. David went after them, and he recovered all they stole from his camp.

Another man of God that travelled with great strides was Elijah. In 1 King 19:41-46, the hand of the Lord was on Elijah, and he girded up his loin and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel. Strides require strength and energy. He outran Ahab’s horse and arrived before in good time. It is a show of the power of God.

The message for you is that in this month on January 2014, you will make excellent progress in Jesus name, and you will not be tired in your feet in Jesus name. And as a Ministry, we will progress and move forward and possess that which the Lord has declared for us in Jesus name. We shall not be hindered, and the Lord will remove all obstacles in our paths for His name sake. Happy New Year

Pastor Aderemi Adelugba

December 2013 Theme – The Great Escape

December Theme - The Great Escape
Escape can be defined as: to break loose from confinement; or to avoid a serious or unwanted outcome.
In Acts 12:6-16, the bible talks of how James the brother of a John was beheaded by Herod. When he discovered that it pleased the Jews, he locked up Peter to be executed also. He was waiting for the Passover Feast to be over before Peter’s execution. He however did not leave out any chance for his escape.
Peter was locked in an inner cell with several gates before the main gate. He was been guarded by 16 soldiers who were taking turns in twos every hour. Amidst all these security proofs, God assigned an angel to go and free Peter. The angel entered, smote Peter at the side, caused the chain to fall off, asked Peter to dress up and led him through the gates to the street without anyone noticing. Peter was shocked at his own escape; the church was equally amazed.
The year 2013 was supposedly forecasted by experts to be an unfriendly year in the natural sense. To say that many unfriendly things happened worldwide is rather evident. Thank God for His grace that preserved us. Spiritually, there were many things the devil had lined up against us in particular as children of God that never happened. Thank God for sending His angels to deliver us at such times. The month of December shall be for us a further time of great escape from all premeditated and circumstantial evils of 2013 in Jesus name.

November 2013 Theme – Resounding Joy

Resounding as related to this theme will be defined as ‘clear and emphatic; enormous; unmistakable, huge; massive; very great; tremendous; terrific; colossal; total’. While joy could be define as ‘the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation’.
In life we experience variations of joy. While some are small and could be hidden, resounding joys are however huge and vivid. God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would become father and mother of nations, but they were childless at 75 years and 65 years respectively. At a later time in their lives, a child called Ishmael came along in disobedience, instead of this development to be a joyous one; it was bitterness and sadness it brought (Gen. 16: 1-7; 21: 9-14).
At age 100 and 90, they both had the Promised Child, it was a time of resounding joy for them. Abraham called all the neighbouring settlements and made a great feast. It was an elation that could not be mistaken or hidden (Gen. 21:1-8). In this month of November, God has promised us in Everlasting Father’s Assembly a time of tremendous and unmistakable joy and delight. We will be filled with great elation; and things that are exceptional good will come our way in Jesus name.