Divine Stability, by Minister Yomi Sanusi

Divine Stability, by Minister Yomi Sanusi As Christians who are resolute in following the word of God, and worshipping God in spirit and in truth, we have to contend with a host of issues. Personal issues. Interpersonal ones. Issues and phenomena arising from the nature of our society. Relationship of society to the word of God. The verdict of society and individuals on the relevance of the authority of God….Keep Reading

Divine Companionship, by Deaconess Tinkuma Ejovi

Divine Companionship, by Deaconess Tinkuma Ejovi While the God we serve is omnipresent, the extent to which we benefit from His presence is a function of our relationship with Him. It is a great privilege to walk closely with the creator of heaven and earth, the One that dried up the sea, the One that breaks down the walls and provides manna for 3 million people for forty years in…Keep Reading

The Triumphant Woman (Church), by Deaconess Adebisi Olobaniyi

Triumphant: having won a battle or contest. Victorious, successful, winning. Jesus paid the ultimate price for you and for me, he died for all mankind. Romans 5:8 KJV – But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. It behoves on us to say do we need to keep fighting? Yes, but we know the end. 2 Corinthians 4:4-18 2 Corinthians 4:4…Keep Reading

Hallelujah, by Minister Yomi Sanusi

Hallelujah- transliterated from Hebrew as ‘Praise ye The Lord’, is a unique and powerful expression that could take massive volumes of discourse and not be fully covered. Throughout scripture, there was always a reason behind the direct invocation of Hallelujahs or equivalent expressions – and there were always significant consequences! The first time it occurs in the Old Testament in Psalm 104.35 the topics were the righteous Judgement and Justice…Keep Reading

Once God Speaks, It Is Settled, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

TEXT: Numbers 23 VS 19. God is not a talkative, He usually speaks once and that settles it, Psalms 62 vs 11. In the creation of the whole world, He speaks once, e.g He said let there be light and there was light, He did not have to say it twice. Gen 1 vs 3. In Gen 17 vs 1 – 4, God told Abraham, that He will make him…Keep Reading