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Beholding The Joy Ahead: The Secret to Finishing Strong, by Minister Joseph Ogunjobi

Beholding The Joy Ahead: The Secret to Finishing Strong, by Minister Joseph Ogunjobi

Having looked at the secrets/keys to continuous rejoicing and what can hinder Christians from continuing in this joy, we felt compelled to also look at this joy with respect to our Christian race.
We should be reminded of how and when this joy begins in a believer. Acts 16:34 and Ps 51:12 tell us that the beginning of this joy is at salvation which God gives everyone that has seen the light of the gospel.
What is the joy about? Actually, it is joy unspeakable! You have this hope of eternal life, freedom from all bondages, an assurance of the future, rest from your labour and eternal glory. It is this hope and promise of the weight of eternal glory God has prepared for us that produces joy in a believer (Rom. 12:12; 15:13). This joy produces strength in him to persevere, endure and run patiently the mandatory race of life (Neh. 8:10; Heb. 12:1b).
We want to look at two example models, among others, that finished strong their race because they put this joy before them.
Jesus Christ was able to accomplish God’s purpose because He kept looking at the joy placed ahead of Him. Read More

The Urgency of Our Task, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

The Urgency of Our Task, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

By Pastor Victor Olobaniyi
TEXT: MATTHEW; 25:1-30; JOHN;21:1-17, I JOHN 2:18-29.

A Task is a piece of work to be done or carried out, the synonyms include, job, duty, assignment, commission to he carried out to mention but a few. As this is our month of recommitment and rededication, I want to believe that in one way or the other we need this done, and is as soon as possible.
This morning we shall be seeking the kingdom of God first, as commanded in Matt 6 vs 33, believing that as we do that, all other things shall be added on to us as promised.

So we shall be going through a brief period of teachings and as that is going on, Jesus is in the house, who can decide to do anything at any time during the service may decide to release all forms of healings (physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological)and all sort of deliverance and liberations. in Jesus name.
I tell you our God is reliable, very reliable, I mean absolutely reliable. 

what you will hear or see this morning is not coming from any man but from God. So it is not about the man of God, or about the boy of God or about the child of God, but its all about God. Because the bible says in John 1vs 16 of His fulness we have all received, can I hear your amen?
Mattew 25 vs 1-30, talks about the 10 virgins, where five of them were foolish and five wise and also the three servant whereby one was unprofitable amongst them. Read More

God of Wonders: What He Wants From You! by Minister Yomi Sanusi

God of Wonders: What He Wants From You! by Minister Yomi Sanusi

Our study this month has been focussed on certain aspects of the God of wonders. The God who through incredible feats of greatness, authority and power fulfilled His promises and delivered a captive nation held up in slavery at the hands of harsh taskmasters that resisted Him onto their own eventual destruction. Those endeared to the heart of God can enjoy His protection and benevolence, regardless of the difficulty they have to confront. The greatness, authority and power of God of wonders continue; and ultimately see them through.

We have examined how the wonders performed by God usually had contrasting consequences, depending on responses to the instruction and authority of God. The administrators of Egypt the then most powerful country together with its inhabitants, who subscribed to and partook of the persistently derogatory and inhumane treatment of a people beholden to Jehovah, bore the full force of the plagues. Read More

Phenomenal Promotion And Achievement For the Wise, by Pastor Ejovi Edafioghor

TEXT: Gen 41: 36-47
Phenomenal is an adjective that means remarkable, unbelievable, extraordinary or exceptional. It is a choice word when you want to describe something that is highly unusual or exceedingly great. Phenomenal promotion and achievement is God’s reward for those who are wise. You may ask, who are the wise? The Bible says those who are wise fear the Lord (Proverbs 1:7) and as a result, they live a holy life. They obey the word of the Lord, they abstain from sin.

If you fear the Lord, you will depart from evil. Our God rewards those who fear Him with highly unusual promotion and achievements. A very good example of a man who benefited from this type of promotion because of his fear of God is Joseph (Gen 41:36-47). He refused to have carnal knowledge of his master’s wife because he feared God (Gen 39: 9). Although Joseph was made to suffer for this (imprisoned), he became the Prime Minister of Egypt before long. I pray that you will be wise in Jesus name.

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The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail, by Minister Yomi Sanusi

This exhortation is on the compelling and irresistible Jesus Christ, his revelation and the church of God.

Scripture: Matthew 16:16-19, Isaiah 44, Isaiah 9, Isaiah 61, Hebrews 13.8, Mark 13:31, Romans 8.28-32

Already very well known as a most unusual teacher, healer, it was a settled fact that Jesus was an actual modern day miracle worker. An authoritative figure and religious character, he was obsessed with fervently preaching and speaking about the kingdom of heaven. Everything he did was just too perplexing for the custodians of the laws and scriptures. With unusual explanations, revolutionary understanding and ‘strange and radical’ interpretation of the law, they had no doubt there was something so significant about him they needed to do something to stop this man. The Pharisees and Sadducees were being confronted with evidence that Jesus knew more about their God and creator and had far greater access compared to them, the well established, recognised bona-fide authorities of the religious establishment. Read More

The Unusual God, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Text: Ezekiel 37: 1-10.
Other texts: Psalms 119: 89, Isaiah 40:8, Mark 13: 31, Numbers 23:19, Romans 3: 3-4.

I want to believe that all of us is convinced and not confused that whatever is written in the bible is true and forever settled.

The bible has no editions 1,2,3….it has been constant and it will continue to be.

I serve an unusual God that does unusual things in unusual ways.

Recently I had an unusual encounter with the unusual God and He did some unusual things in my life that I will like to share some with you this morning.

God took prophet Ezekiel in chapter 37 to an open valley full of dry bones and ask him a very “tempting” question which prophet Ezekiel was also diplomatic in answering.

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