“Be courageous”

By Dr. Abayomi Sanusi
I thank God for the opportunity to share with you these words, mere reminders of the scriptural precepts you are already familiar with.
Called to be courageous
We are called to be courageous. To be strong and persevere despite unfavourable situation in our relationships, life, career, and in everything this world might hurl at us. Practically it means to continue bravely when threat, pain, danger, fear, and unfavourable circumstances work against you to stop you. To be courageous is to have the guts, or nerves, or a stubborn persistence and the fortitude to do what is right, and continue to the
Being courageous drives you toward your destiny and Godʼs expected end for you. (Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end)
There are promises attached to being courageous in response to Godʼs commands, and in the things that pertain to His kingdom. Joshua 1.6-9. He never lets down those who obey Him, and persevere courageously in
doing His will.
Instances of courage in action!
(1) A familyʼs courage had perpetual consequences for their nation. In direct disobedience to Pharaoh Mosesʼ family did not cast him into the water when he turned out to be a male child. There is good reason to believe others might have done
(Ex1.11,13,14). Mosesʼ mother and sister took a risk by watching what happened to Moses and setting themselves up as unrelated carers willing to assist Pharaohʼs daughter to look after her Hebrew son. They were not only paid to look after their own baby, but also allowed to be an exception to the established rule (Ex 2.1-10).
The consequences of their courage meant that the future liberator of their people was exposed to the knowledge and worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the history of his people till Joseph, and their prevailing hardship. He also had the privilege of being a child within the household of Pharaoh – a prince of Egypt.
(2) A peopleʼs courage and prayers to God changed their destiny! The afflicted children of Israel sensed an opportunity for political change and prayed to God. God sprung into action by preparing Moses for the task of leading them to freedom. (Ex.2-23-25, Ex.3.6-8)
(3) A man called Moses. His entire life was an illustration of how to be courageous. (Ex. 2.11-12,17,22). He became a criminal and a fugitive, wanted for murder. He became a friend of God. He spoke almost face to face with God! His people were not only liberated, but had innumerable opportunity to witness Godʼs greatness, faithfulness and power.
Courage by proxy (The Hebrew Midwives Ex1.15-21, Pharaohʼs daughter, The Hebrew striver Ex2.13-14)
Will you be courageous and remain so?
Have you been courageous? Will you be courageous? Will you remain courageous? They heard the word of God, the law of the land and internalised them. They reacted by applying their life experiences and their knowledge of Godʼs word to each situation. They had an opportunity to change their mind, and give it all up, but persisted in the face of
even that adversity.
What area of your life requires courage: family, relationships, financial, career, education, employment, planning for something? Have you noticed that courage tends to spread in families and close communities? Your courage could be the start of the transformation of someoneʼs life and destiny.
Find the word of God that deals with the area of concern and be courageous in applying Godʼs word. God knows the issues you are dealing with and wants to give you a favourable outcome. His thoughts toward you are those of love and compassion.
Be courageous not only in this month, but perpetually. He will give you an expected
successful end.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK