Ask Me Not Where I have Been, But Ask Me Where I Am Going

By Dr Abayomi SANUSI –
I THANK God for the opportunity to share with you these words, mere reminders of the scriptural precepts you are already familiar with.

It’s that time of the year. The year is nearing the end. There have been life transforming events. For countries there have been challenges and problems. For individuals the importance of being part of a community, or a family is greatly emphasised. The society continues to aggressively pursue the now familiar liberal and anti-God agenda. Some things however remain constant and unchanging.

The knowledge that God cares about His children, and will never leave or forsake us is invaluable and comforting (Psalm 37.25). There is the reassurance that it is well with us, not because of the provisions of society, but by the command, decision and grace of God. That reassurance cannot be paid for with physical possessions (Matt, 6.33). The advantage we have in realising that the maker of the universe, our father, is ever with us and has empowered us to continue the work of Christ Jesus is empowering.

It is a time of the year that weariness may set in. The dreariness of physical toil and mundane repetitive activities that creep upon people near the middle of tasks and projects are no respecter of us people of faith. In achieving our personal goals, spiritual, education and professional achievement, and other aspects of life we need revitalisation. We need to redefine and reassess out position.

“Whatever it takes to make it, I?m going all the way. I may be down sometimes, but I won?t be down always” goes the upbeat chorus from a song I liked years back. One of the verses of the song starts “Ask me not where I?ve been but ask me where I?m going…” It?s time to reassess and ask yourself where you?re going. Not only that question alone though. We also need to reassess why you?re going there, what you intend to do there, and who?s going with you! In the journey of your life are you a passenger, the driver or pilot, the co-driver or co-pilot? What kind of vehicle are you travelling in. Are you prepared to go all the way to get to your destination?

Example from a mistake in Israel!

After installing Saul as king as compelled by the people but guided by God, frail, grey and elderly Samuel assembled an entire nation and was very uncompromising in his approach. He established some facts including what Israel?s sin was. In conclusion he established that for His Name?s sake, the Lord will not forsake His people. 1Samuel 12.17-25

Somewhere along and in the dreary middle of the history of the nation of Israel and Judah, imperfect decisions were made. Despite rejecting God as their king, God continued to work with, guide, bless and protect Israel. They went on to produce wonderful and historic rulers including David and Solomon. God turned their error around and incorporated it into His perfect plan. My prayer is that God will arrest your errors, imperfections, weariness; and turn every wrong decision around to favour you and achieve His plan for your life. Not only this year but in perpetuity.

Where are you going, What are your errors, and who will you turn to ?

So as we near the dreary middle of a so far eventful year, let us as children of God reassess our journey, and establish some facts. An imperfect start is not an excuse for failure. A faulty interim is not a damnation verdict. There is no situation my God cannot turn around. The bible is full of humans making mistakes, and getting corrections and achieving a desirable result. I have personally fallen short of several of my personal expectations so far this year, yet God remains merciful to me. It is not difficult to guess which new year resolutions have turned to disappointment for many! Have you been scorned, victimised, hurt, discriminated against? Have you disappointed yourself? God is merciful and no less powerful than before! David was a broken and contrite man in Psalm 51 after committing murder, adultery, hypocrisy and blasphemy. He asked God to cleanse him and give him a new heart. Verse 10. It is an appropriate exhortation for us today. Whilst we address those things that are due to our own inadequacies, let us rely on God for His mercies.

Article by RCCG EFA YORK