Achievers (Part 2), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Achievers (Part 2), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi
Text : Dan 11 vs 32b
Today we shall continue in the studies of some of the bible characters that can be said to have a result which can be termed formidable.
Character 3. Joseph The dreamer.
The bible says in Prov 18 vs 16 that your gift will make room for you. It may be pertinent to mention at this juncture, that every individual has a gift which God has deposited in you, to make you whom God wants you to be and do exploits on the surface of the earth.
The gift of Joseph made way for him, as he was able through the divine wisdom of God to interpret the king’s dream and became what in recent days we can call the prime minister of Egypt. Within the space of 24 hours, Joseph from the dungeon was promoted to the second in command in the palace, it can only be God.
Also we should not forget that Joseph was a slave in Egypt and by all means he is not qualified to be anybody in the strange land. Gen 37 vs 18 – 36, Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites for 20 pieces of silver, Gen 39 vs 1- 23, Joseph in portiphars house and eventually found himself in the prisons, and from the prison to the palace, what a formidable achievement.
Character 4. Esther( a lady without father and mother),but through the gift God gave to Esther which is beauty and favour from the Lord as we read in Esther 2, she was able to save the Jews from utter destruction, which is an achievement which can never go off history, and it still what we are reading about up till today and still serve as encouragement/ empowerment to many, as the word of God is ever living.
Character 5. Paul a hired assassin. Acts 9 vs 4 -5. It may interest you to know that the gift and calling of the Lord is without repentance, so it is very possible for a man to use the gift that God endowed him with in the negative way as initially did by Paul. We can say Paul was a convinced writer and an orator, no wonder he was able to write most of the epistles in the bible with the help of the Holy spirit. The bible records that God perform unusual miracles through the hand of Paul. Acts 19 vs 11 – 12.
Even in the prisons, God was still using him to save lives, Act 16 vs 23 – 40 what an incredible achievement. Many other formidable achievements were recorded in the bible about Paul which time will not permit us to consider.
God bless you.
To be continued.

Achievers (Part 2), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on 11th January 2015

Article by RCCG EFA YORK