Achievers (Part 1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi

Achievers (Part 1), by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi
Text :Dan 11 vs 32b
As we all know that the Theme for this year is DIVINE EXCELLENCE and the theme for the month of January is declared as FORMIDABLE ACHIEVEMENTS.
We shall be studding throughout this month some characters in the bible that actually profess this type of achievements.
According to the dictionary, formidable means ,arousing or likely to inspire fear or dread. Extremely difficult to defeat, overcome, manage etc. It also mean tending to inspire awe or admiration because of great size, strength, excellence etc.
Looking at those definitions critically, the first character I will like to consider is Daniel which is the main theme for the year.
Daniel a Babylonian captive in the book of Daniel demonstrated some attribute and act that makes him far more highly exalted than all his contemporaries in Babylon, that in the space of twenty-four hours, he was promoted from been a slave to somebody that has his seat at the kings gate, what a dreadful promotion and achievement.
Dan 1 particular reference to vs 15,17,20; Dan2 vs 48,49. It can only take God for such to happen to man, because wisdom and promotions like this can only come by divine interventions. Psalm 75 vs 6.
Also considering Daniel in chapter 5 ,that was able to read the written on the wall and also gave the interpretation, which secured him the third seat in the kingdom of Belshazzar the king. What a formidable achievement.
Daniel 6 also showed us how God declare Himself as the all supreme God by delivering Daniel from the Lions den, this has never happened before and I have not read that it has happened after.
My prayer is that, may the Almighty God in His infite power give us the grace to experience such a formidable achievements this month and beyond in Jesus wonderful name.
Another bible character we will like to consider is David, 1 Sam 16 vs 6 – 7 and 1 Sam 17.This personality was known to be the list among the sons of Jesse, and has been possibly banished to the field to look after his father’s flocks, but when the time came for God to show case him, he made him kill a formidable giant called Goliath, so as to achieve a formidable achievement which we are still reading about up till today.
It may interest you to know that these people as it were, was not the qualified ones to actually earn this type of achievements, so your background is irrelevant to what and how God can use you, as it is not to whom that is qualified that He chooses, but to whom He chooses He qualifies.
All you need to do is to remember and put into practice our acronyms R O D . RIGHTOUSNESS Rom 6 vs 1, Pro 14 vs 34, OBEDIENCE 1 Sam 15 vs 22 and DILIGENCE Prov 22 vs 29.
God bless you. To be continued.

Achievers, by Pastor Victor Olobaniyi was delivered on the 4th of January, 2015

Article by RCCG EFA YORK